[JAV:ABV] Is Akiba Broadband Vision safe? Isn’t it dangerous? Reviews and reputation


Akiba Broadband Vision is an adult video distribution service specialized for fetish enthusiasts. We only sell works that are very popular among enthusiasts, so we don’t have many titles, but we do deliver genres that are very appealing to enthusiasts. We collected reviews and ratings.


ABV basic information, company information

ABV was established in 2009 and has been in operation for over 10 years. As for the trend of video works, we only sell works that are quite maniacal. Depending on the work, there are maniac AVs that are not distributed on other sites, so this is a video site for maniacs.

Site informationABV
Site operation history2009~
Management company nameBlowwind Holdings Co., Ltd.
Genrefetish mania
Number of works20,000~
New update frequency60-150 per month
Streaming playback
DRM restrictionsVaries depending on the work
download limitunlimited
Fee systemPPV (single item sale)
Premium membership required for unlimited viewing: Monthly membership fee: 540 yen
method of paymentCredit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / JCB)
docomo payment
Paidy next month payment (convenience store/bank)
Compatible with smartphones and tablets(Android / iPhone / iPad)

ABV price plan

ABV’s price plans include free membership and premium plan. Free members can only purchase regular works, but if you become a premium member, you will be able to earn points, purchase limited-time distribution works, watch unlimited works, and participate in sales and campaigns. The premium plan costs 540 yen per month, which is quite cheap.

Payment methods are credit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / JCB), BitCash, Docomo payment, Paidy next month payment at convenience store / bank.

Point purchase/payment

ABV gives you points, and you can use these points to purchase videos. Points can also be purchased.


Is Akiba Broadband Vision safe? Isn’t it dangerous?

Akiba Broadband Vision is safe. We have been in operation for over 10 years and are safe and reliable. Furthermore, I started up antivirus software on Akiba Broadband Vision and checked it, but no virus was detected. It is a very reliable site in terms of security.

ABV characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

I have summarized the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of ABV.

Abundant fetish AV distribution

ABV specializes in martial arts AVs such as professional wrestling, boxing, and erotic sumo wrestling, as well as quite maniac videos such as hair shaving, balloons, masochist men, queens, SM, training, cross-dressing, scatology, etc., so it is normal videos. It is not suitable for those who like it.

There are works without DRM restrictions.

ABV has works without DRM restrictions. You can still watch these works even if you cancel your membership. Videos with DRM restrictions are labeled as “protected content.” It is possible to download it to your terminal.

If you become a premium member, you can watch unlimited works.

If you become a premium member, you can watch unlimited works. You can enjoy unlimited viewing of works that change daily for a limited time. Therefore, it is very suitable for those who want to watch a large amount of videos. PPV has poor cost performance. The videos themselves are also priced high.

Hold frequent campaigns

If you become a premium member, you will be able to participate in campaigns. It is very suitable for those who want to purchase videos cheaply.

There are no uncensored works

All of ABV’s works are covered in mosaics. Uncensored works cannot be viewed.

What are the reviews and reputation of ABV?

We have collected reviews and reputation of ABV. Some quotes from X.


Source : X

ご質問ありがとうございます。 おそらく、お客様がABVプレミアム会員になってないと購入できない仕様になっていると思われます。詳しくはこちらです→https://www.abv.・・・ 続きは質問箱へ

Source : X

「女子プロレス 巨乳トップレスファイト外伝 6」がDVD版発売と同時に、ABVで動画ダウンロード購入できるようになっています(プレミアム会員限定) 沢原佑香と、月宮こはるが出場しています。

Source : X

How to register ABV

You can register your ABV using the link below.


Click “Free Membership Registration” at the top of the screen. Become a member here.

Source : https://www.abv.jp/

Fill out the information and send the information. This completes your free membership registration. If the details are filled in for the registered address, you are done.

Source : https://www.abv.jp/

How to purchase ABV videos

There are two ways to purchase ABV videos: purchase points and use those points to purchase videos, or pay with a credit card. First, when you select a work, the following screen will appear. If you select Points, select Purchase Points.

Source : https://www.abv.jp/

The credit card payment screen will appear. The security number is a 3-digit number on the back of your card. Payment will be made here.

Source : https://www.abv.jp/

For Bitcash, just enter your card number and press the “Purchase” button.

Source : https://www.abv.jp/

Click “Add to Cart” on the right side of the item you want. You can complete the purchase procedure from the cart, and choose between using points or purchasing directly by paying with a credit card.

Source : https://www.abv.jp/

How to cancel premium membership

Even if you do not cancel your ABV membership, if you are a free member, there will be no membership fee. If you are a premium member, first stop automatic billing. This is the same system as mobile phones, which incur monthly membership fees unless you cancel your subscription. Go to My Page and click the “Premium Membership Registration Information/Changes” link to complete the procedure. Your cancellation is complete when you receive an email with details about your cancellation.

How to withdraw from ABV

Log in and move to My Page. Click the link for “Cancellation Procedures” from “Change Registration Information”. Once you do this, you will be guided through the withdrawal process. At the end, you will receive an email with details about the completion of your cancellation. If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to log into the site. Please note that all points will also be lost. You will also not be able to use some works purchased through Akiba Broadband Vision.