[JAV:av9898] Is it a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous? Reviews and reputation Joining and withdrawing Adult site evaluation


Is av9898 a safe site to join? We will introduce actual reviews, testimonials, safety, word of mouth, and reputation. This is an adult video distribution service that distributes old works of popular AV actresses and popular works. av9898 does not have any original works, but you can see works by Caribbeancom, 1pondo, HEYZO, etc.


Basic information of av9898, company information

av9898 has its servers located in British Columbia, Canada, and is part of the DTI group, so you can feel very safe. Almost all videos are uncensored and delivered in high quality, and you can watch them as much as you like. Streaming playback is possible, and there is a good selection of cosplay works as well. This site is highly rated among paid adult sites. Compared to others, we have content from well-known genres such as mature women, voyeurs, anime, and Western movies. This site ranks high in adult video rankings.

Site nameav9898
Site operation history2009~
group companyDTI / D2Pass
Operating companyKing Summit Enterprises Limited
GenreAll genres
Number of works2000~
New update frequencyWeek 1-3
image qualityScreen size: Full HD/HD
file formatWMV
Streaming playback
DRM restrictionsDRM-free
download limit1 month membership: 3GB
3 month membership: 6GB
Fee systemMonthly fee 35$
method of paymentCredit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB)
Compatible with smartphones and tabletsAndroid / iPhone / iPad

What is the pricing plan for av9898?

There are two types of av9898: 1 month course and 3 month course. For the cheap 3-month course, you can also watch VIP videos for $35, so you can enjoy a wide variety of content. Payment methods are credit cards (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB) and debit cards of the same brand. “KINGSUMMIT” will be written on your credit card statement. The 3-month course becomes VIP and is discounted to $92. Please refer to the list below when purchasing.

1 month course
(30 days)
35$Only regular videos can be viewed
1 month course
(30 days)
92$Regular videos + VIP videos can be viewed

Is av9898 a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous?

I started the virus software and checked av9898, but no virus was detected. Also, since it is operated by a company in the DTI group, it is very safe. It is reliable, and we have not had any similar problems such as fraudulent card charges. Live chat is also available at any time of the day. This is a big point because even if there are any problems, the management will take care of the procedures properly.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of av9898

I have carefully collected the features, advantages, and disadvantages of av9898. In fact, there are many individual works, and they are also recommended for those who like fetish-type feelings. There is a general category on the top page, and it is suitable for all genres, so it is definitely suitable for enthusiasts. They are also on sale during the campaign. Users subscribe and there are many plans. Of course, it’s not just sex, it’s also attractive because you can see lesbians, big breasts, gonzo, masturbation, foreigners, voyeurism, hand play, etc. for cheap.

There is no original work

Most of the videos on av9898 are from Caribbeancom, Ippondo, and HEYZO, so there are very few original works. The latest works will not be distributed. Therefore, the disadvantage is that this site does not have its own videos. However, there are many works that are realistic and exciting. We also have solid support, so we will give you full support.

Uncensored videos of top AV actresses

Most of the videos on av9898 are made up of videos of AV actresses, and currently there are almost no videos of amateur actresses. The quality of some of the works themselves is high, so they are very popular. All of the videos are proven works that have already been distributed online. There has been a lot of access to the site recently.

Download capacity limit

Download limits differ between 3GB for 1-month membership and 6GB for 3-month membership. However, streaming playback is unlimited. Downloaded videos can be viewed offline even after canceling your membership. If you want to use it a lot or want unlimited viewing of one channel, we recommend 3 months and you’ll be satisfied with it.

There is a VIP-only video

Approximately 5% of all works are VIP videos that are only available to VIP members. However, each work also comes with a free sample video, so you can check it out in advance. Usually, we recommend the 3-month course VIP membership. Famous actresses also appear, and you can basically enjoy the highest level of image quality in the industry. Recommended not only for men but also for women.

What are the reviews and reputation of av9898?

There are very few reviews and ratings for av9898. This is partly because the video itself is quoted from Caribbeancom and Ippondo.

How to register av9898

Registration of av9898 is possible from the link below. Must be 18 years or older.


Click on “Membership Information” at the top of the official website.

Source : https://av9898.heydouga.com/

Choose a price plan.

Source : https://av9898.heydouga.com/

Payment and membership registration are completed by entering your credit card information.

Source : https://av9898.heydouga.com/

How to unsubscribe from av9898

The withdrawal method is an automatic renewal method, so instead of leaving it as is, you need to apply for withdrawal from the withdrawal form. A “D2Pass Survey” will be displayed before the withdrawal form, but you can leave it blank. Select “Withdraw” from the bottom of the official website.

Source : https://av9898.heydouga.com/