[JAV: A-Vod] How to cancel Avod membership and cancel automatic billing. Is it safe?


A-Vod is a relatively new adult video distribution service. We have been providing this service continuously since the 2010s, but if you get tired of it, you can cancel your membership. I will tell you how to cancel your membership, but it is very easy and the process is quite simple.


How to cancel A-Vod membership and cancel automatic billing

How to withdraw from Avod and how to cancel automatic billing is easy. First, access the withdrawal form information below the official website. Please note that if you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to use streaming or download services.


The tournament begins by pressing the button circled in red. Please log in and try the procedure. First, a survey page will be displayed, which you may or may not answer. You can try using the free plan for just 3 days and cancel if it doesn’t suit you.

Source : https://www.a-vod.com/

Points to note when withdrawing from A-Vod

Please be aware of the following points regarding how to cancel your A-Vod membership. There are a variety of videos in genres such as amateurs, AV actresses, mature women, voyeurs, mania, etc., but there are various restrictions if you cancel your subscription to the adult site. You will no longer be able to purchase discount coupons. For more information, please contact support.

The automatic renewal method will be canceled by canceling your membership.

A-Vod’s billing format is automatic renewal, and charges will continue indefinitely unless you cancel your membership. Therefore, canceling your membership means that billing will stop. We recommend that you complete the withdrawal procedure using the withdrawal form written above by the day before the renewal date.

For 3 days free viewing period

There is a 3-day free period when you first register. However, once this period has passed, you will be automatically transferred to automatic billing. If you wish to quit, please do so on the third day.

Cancellation of withdrawal processing

As long as it is before the expiration date of the service, you can cancel your membership even if you cancel your membership. This is a mechanism that allows you to open and process the form above.

About service usage

A-Vod has a system where even if you cancel your membership, you can continue to use it until the membership period expires. Just because you cancel your membership early doesn’t mean you won’t be able to watch anything.

About re-registration

A-Vod allows you to register again even if you cancel your membership. Please refer to the article below regarding re-registration.