[JAV: A-Vod] How to join Avod(abbott), how to register and how to pay by credit card


A-Vod is an adult video distribution service that has appeared in recent years and is very popular because it can be viewed on smartphones. In order to watch A-Vod, you not only have to become a member, but you also have to process charges and pay with a credit card. We have summarized these steps for you to use as a reference.


A-Vod membership, registration method, payment method

To join and register for A-Vod (Abbott), first click on the link below. A-Vod uses automatic renewal, so your membership will be automatically renewed unless you cancel your membership. Even after the withdrawal process, you can continue to use the videos during the period. Please note that billing will be processed at the same time as A-Vod membership.

There is a 3-day trial plan for joining A-Vod. This means that you can only try it for free for 3 days. Therefore, there is no risk from the user’s perspective. Try it out for free first, and if you like it, start paying automatically. Click “Try Free Plan” in the top right corner of the screen.

Source : https://lp.a-vod.com/

By entering your registered email address and password, as well as your credit card name, card number, security number, expiration date, and even postal code, billing and membership processing will be processed at the same time. Only VISA/Master Card/JCB/Diners Club credit cards are accepted. These four brands are also supported for debit cards.

Source : https://lp.a-vod.com/

This completes the Avod membership procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you will receive an email containing your ID and login password to the email address you registered on the site, so please check it. This is important information that you will need whenever you use the site or watch videos.

Support center information

To access the support center, click on the settings shown below on the payment page above, and the page will move so you can contact us online.

Source : https://lp.a-vod.com/