[JAV:A-Vod] Is Avod a safe adult video site? Reviews and reputation


A-Vod is an adult video service that appeared in the 2010s. We have collected reviews, reputation, and testimonials regarding the site’s prices, safety, and membership. We also mention the unlimited viewing plan and how to cancel your membership.


A-Vod company information, basic information

A-Vod is an adult video distribution service launched in 2014. The server is not established in Japan, but in Delaware, USA. We only accept credit cards as a payment method, and we also have fixed monthly plans and plans that allow you to purchase individual works. It is a site that can be recommended to everyone as it supports all genres. Even compared to paid sites, it is very well known as an adult site. This site currently has more movies than other sites and ranks high in the popularity rankings.

Site nameA-Vod
Site management history2014~
Operating companyKing Summit Enterprises Limited
group companyDTI and D2Pass
GenreAll genres
Uncensored?With mosaic
Number of works5000~
Update frequencyIrregular
Smartphone/tabletAndroid / iOS / iPhone / iPad
Fee systemMonthly flat rate system
Single item sale
method of paymentcredit card
VISA / Master Card / JCB / Diners Club

A-Vod price plan

A-Vod’s plan includes a free membership, which allows you to watch for free for only 3 days. Others offer 30-day and 180-day billing plans. Only credit cards (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB) are accepted, and debit cards of 4 brands are also accepted. “KINGSUMMIT” will be written on the credit card statement, and since we are a payment agency, we are very thorough and will not be found out, so we are very satisfied.

Free 3-day membership0円
30 day membership899円
180 days membership4899円

If you subscribe to the Abbott free 3-day plan, you can use the service for free for only 3 days. If you do not cancel your membership, you will become a 30-day member from the 4th day. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so on the third day.

Single purchase plans are also available. Please note that prices will vary depending on the work. For single items, the delivery deadline is 7 days for streaming and 14 days for downloads, so you will not be able to watch it after that.

Are there any safety and reliability issues?

There are no particular issues with A-Vod’s safety and reliability. This site will be launched in 2014, and even after 10 years, there have been no problems at all. There were no viruses, fraudulent charges, or other scams, and I tried running antivirus software and scanning this site, but no viruses were found. Even if you are a beginner, you can use it with confidence. The image quality is good and there are actually many new ones, so please continue to enjoy them.

Advantages, disadvantages, and features of A-Vod

A-Vod’s service has the following features: Since it is a comprehensive adult site, it is also very strong in a wide variety of content such as overseas Western, foreigners, lesbians, anime, gays, fetish series, etc. Group companies have solid live chat support, and there is a contact point for inquiries from the top page.

There are discount coupons

A-Vod’s services include discount campaigns and discount coupon codes. These points can be used like cash. Since the cost performance is very good, it is very easy to purchase a wide range of products.

Free sample video available

The good thing about A-Vod’s videos is that they have separate instructions for free sample videos. This allows you to view limited content even without creating an account. Rather than joining right away, we recommend that you try watching the videos and then join if you are interested.

Mainly videos with mosaics

A-Vod videos have mosaics. Therefore, there may be many users who are very dissatisfied with the lack of uncensored videos. However, there are not only old works but also the latest recommended works. You can check the real sample of the video data by clicking on it. There are also genres for enthusiasts, such as voyeurism, assisted dating, scatology, etc., and the prices are low and can be enjoyed.

Using smartphone/tablet

A-Vod videos are compatible with Android / iOS / iPhone / iPad, so you can enjoy high-quality videos on your smartphone. It is a modern service that matches demand very well, so it can be said to be recommended. Anyway, let’s watch one first and experience it.

There are few amateur videos

Most of the actresses appearing in the works are AV actresses and there are very few works by amateur actors. The quality of the videos tends to be very high, as they are all works by top-notch popular AV actresses. It covers all genres, including mania, mature women, and voyeurism. Recommended as it has high reviews and low prices.

A-Vod reviews and reputation

We have collected reviews and reputation of A-Vod. I have quoted some from X (Twitter), so I hope you find them helpful.


Source : X


Source : X


Source : X

How to register A-Vod

You can register for A-Vod from the link below. Free sample videos that can be played via streaming are distributed on each work page, so rather than joining right away, we recommend checking out the videos that interest you before registering.

How to cancel A-Vod membership

There is a withdrawal form on the official website, so you can apply from there. Your contract will be automatically extended unless you cancel your membership, so please cancel your membership at least one week before your renewal date. Even if the withdrawal process is completed, you will be able to watch videos until the membership period expires.