[JAV: Digigra] Is it a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous? Reviews and reputation


Digigra is an adult video distribution service for erotic and gravure actresses that opened in 2005. Gravure idols and AV actresses appear on the site, and all of them are beautiful, so many users have registered. However, in Digigra there are no men and there are no sex scenes, so there are no sex scenes. We collected reviews and reputation.


Digigra basic information, company information

Digigra is a video site featuring erotic and gravure actresses. This site is recommended for those who want to enjoy cosplay by beautiful women. However, there are no sex scenes, so we recommend using other adult video sites. We have been in operation for over 20 years, so you can rest assured.

Site namedigigura
Site operation history2005~
GenreErotica, extreme gravure, sexy idol, image video, uniform, cosplay
Is there an uncensored work?none
image qualityHD
Number of worksNumber of images: 300,000 or more
Number of videos: 5,000 or more
Streaming playback
download limitunlimited
DRM restrictionsDRM-free
Update frequencyBasically updated every day
corresponding devicePC/Android/iPhone
method of paymentCredit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, JCB)
Bank transfer
bitcash payment

Digigra price plan

Digigra has an unlimited viewing plan and a single purchase plan. For the unlimited viewing plan, payment methods are as follows, and payment methods such as credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB), bank transfer, and BitCash are accepted. Each user is given points, and the points can be used like cash for services on the site. For credit card payment information, site names such as Digigra will not be listed as billing names on your statement.

Unlimited monthly viewing

Original gravure is distributed as paid content. If you become a monthly unlimited member, you can view and download as much as you want without any additional charges. However, some works are exclusive to platinum members and cannot be viewed or downloaded unless you become a platinum member.

For credit cards

FeePoints awarded
30 days3,100円100pt
60 days6,150円200pt
90 days8,200円300pt
365 days30,000円10,000pt

Bank transfer/Bitcash payment

FeePoints awarded
30 days3,600円100pt
60 days6,150円200pt
90 days8,200円300pt
365 days36,000円10,000pt

Single item content

Since it is distributed individually, points are consumed for each work. Prices vary depending on the work. If you want to watch a large number of works, it will be cheaper to subscribe to an unlimited viewing plan.

Single item point fee

As mentioned above, points are awarded in Digigra. Points can be used like cash. You can also purchase by credit card payment (VISA / Master / JCB), adult ID payment, BitCash payment, etc. You can purchase individual works using the points you have purchased.


Is Digigra safe? Isn’t it dangerous?

I tried checking Digigra by running antivirus software, but no virus was detected. Also, the site itself has been in operation for over 20 years, so you can rest assured. Users’ personal information is protected by strong encryption technology and SSL is installed, so you can rest assured. There is no fraud such as fraudulent billing, and no incidents have occurred.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of Digigra

I have summarized the features, advantages and disadvantages of Digigra.

There are no sex scenes

Basically, there are only nude videos and images, so there are no extreme scenes. Therefore, it may not be suitable for those who want to purely satisfy their sexual desires.

Only original works

The works are all original works that cannot be seen on other sites. Regarding manufacturer content, we are distributing works by other manufacturers.

Compatible with streaming

Unlimited monthly videos are available for streaming. You can play it directly from your browser or download it. Since it is DRM-free, you can continue to watch the work even after canceling your membership.

4K ultra high resolution

We are currently delivering top-class 4K videos. As 4K video distribution is increasing, it is now possible to enjoy clear videos.

What are the reviews and reputation of Digigra?

The word of mouth and reputation of Digigra was not comparable to that of X etc.

How to register for Digigra

You can register for Digigra from the link below. Access the official Digigra website and click “Login” at the top left of the screen. Click where it says Free Registration'' and enter yournickname, email address, and password” to complete your registration.


How to cancel Digigra membership

To cancel your membership, you must notify us via email. Access the official website and click “Click here for my page”. Check the reason for withdrawal and select the “Confirmation screen for withdrawal request” button. Click “Send withdrawal request” to complete your withdrawal. Even if you cancel your subscription, you can still view the content until the subscription period expires.