Jav: Recommended list of paid erotic video sites with naughty adult dramas for women Is it safe?


We will introduce a popular site that offers high-quality, high-class, paid erotic videos tailored to dramas. In the first place, the videos that can be viewed on adult erotic sites are not free, and the paid ones often have a fixed fee, but they are very fulfilling and safe. Be careful because if it is free, there may be illegal uploads. This article introduces video services that distribute dramas.

Features of drama adult video distribution services

What kind of drama-based adult video distribution services are there? I’ll give you a brief explanation. This series is recommended for those who like period dramas, Japanese clothing, and mourning clothes. Since it’s a drama, there are a lot of slender girls, and there are also a lot of beautiful women. It is recommended because there are many scenes where cute girlfriends are forced to have sex with handsome men. This is a must-see genre and category for those who want to see cute and beautiful women squirting.

There are many cosplay scenes

As explained above, many of the adult drama video distribution services are historical dramas, so you can see various cosplays such as samurai and ninja, so this series is highly recommended for fetishists and enthusiasts. There are also many contemporary works, in which tutors and office ladies are seduced and have forbidden affairs or affairs with their bosses, friends, or boyfriends other than their husbands in hotels. There are many beautiful women, and many of the older sisters have model-class styles.

Rich in situations

Another feature of the drama adult video distribution service is the abundance of situations. You can enjoy various scenes such as shaved pussy, penetration, anal, cunnilingus, blowjob, masturbation, handjob, ejaculation, 3P, and even titty fuck, so there are many scenes that will excite both men and women. You can also play in offices, hotels, and massage parlors. There are also raw ones, so it’s outstanding.

From loli to mature women

The feature of the drama’s adult video distribution service is that women of various ages appear, from young girls and gals to middle-aged wives and mature women, so it can be said that it is a planned series with a wide strike zone, as it is aimed at loving couples and women. Probably. Nowadays, there are plays that can be played at home, and there are even works that have a lovey-dovey style. These are the best ones that will stimulate your sexual desire and make you unable to resist. At first, there is a development where the relationship between men and women is a pick-up relationship that leads to a lot of demands.

Genres that even virgins can enjoy

The feature of the drama adult video distribution service is that it is aimed at beginners and can be enjoyed even by virgins. Since there are few intense plays, it is easy to get used to even for first-time players. Also, the content is very soft, as the work features big-breasted teachers and college students, and the main focus is nipple licking play. Secret training takes place in the room, and senior and junior girls are raped. There is no hard play such as orgies.


Recommended paid erotic video sites for dramas

The next thing I will introduce is a paid erotic site. Usually, paid erotic sites have the disadvantage of requiring a monthly fee. However, there are no illegal videos uploaded, so it is 100% safe and you can satisfy your frustrations. We have listed the categories and content that can be viewed recently, so when you have time, access it from your smartphone, check out the settings and functions, and try using it. Some sites take a long time to load. There are many lewd and erotic scenes.

Site NameContentsURL
FANZAVideo site operated by DMM seriesLinks are introduced below
DUGAVideo site for cosplay and fetishHome
SOKMILAdult video site founded in 2004SOKMIL
HEYZOVideo data distribution service started in 2012超大型!無修正動画サイト「HEYZO」完全オリジナル作品を迫力のフルHDで配信中!
HEY動画見放題プランAdult video site operated since 2004Links are introduced below
カリビアンコムAn adult video site operated by the major site DTI Groupあどけない素人娘から超絶品ボディのAV女優まで、カリビアンコムならではの多彩なジャンルできっとご満足させます。
一本道There is a wealth of uncensored video works of AV actresses.くっきり高画質でおマ〇コ丸見え!股間に溜まった精液が一気に爆発!これぞ一本道!


ANZA is a comprehensive site that not only has erotic videos, but also DVD sales and animation. Originally DMM.com was the operating company, but in 2018 the business was taken over by Digital Commerce Co., Ltd. in order to get rid of its adult image. We have started an adult video distribution service under the name FANZA.


DUGA, operated by Apex Ltd., provides video services for cosplay enthusiasts. You can enjoy videos for around 1,500 yen per month, so it is a fairly cheap service. There are also discount sales, and the content has received high praise.



SOKMIL is an adult video site founded in 2004. The server is located in Tokyo and is safe. There are two pricing options: single item purchase and monthly pricing plan, both of which can be selected. Since we have all kinds of genres, we recommend this service to everyone.



HEYZO is a video data distribution service started in 2012. Compared to other companies, it can be said that the safety is very high as it has been in operation for over 10 years. Although you can only pay by credit card, you can enjoy many high-quality videos.



HEY Video Unlimited Viewing Plan is an adult video site that has been operating since 2004. This is a video site where you can enjoy all genres such as amateurs, mature women, and Western movies, and covers all popular genres.


Caribbeancom is an adult video site operated by DTI Group, a major site in Japan. Caribbeancom began operating in 2001, so it has been in operation for over 20 years and has distributed a large number of works. The longer a site has been in operation, the more reliable it is rather than a dubious site.



Ippondo is an overseas uncensored adult site, but all the videos are made for Japanese tastes. Therefore, most of the viewers will be Japanese. Our sister site is Caribbeancom, which is also a popular site. Since it is operated by DTI, it can be said to be a very safe video site.