[JAV: DUGA] Is it a safe erotic video site? Isn’t there a scam? Reputation and reviews


DUGA is a video site for adult maniacs that is easy to register and has a good reputation and word of mouth, and is a video service that is very suitable for maniacs such as cosplay and SM. Although it is a paid service, users can enjoy a large amount of videos for enthusiasts by registering. We have collected reviews and reputations, so please use them as a reference.


DUGA basic information, company information

DUGA, operated by Apex Ltd., provides video services for cosplay enthusiasts. You can enjoy videos for around 1,500 yen per month, so it is a fairly cheap service. There are also discount sales, and the content has received high praise. It is an adult site that ranks high in the overall ranking of the same adult videos. It is recommended over Seokmil and DMM because the image quality of the system is good, there are many labels with AV actresses, and there are campaigns and points.

Source : Duga

Video serviceDUGA
Operating companyApex Ltd.
Head office address1-5-24 Yutaka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Monthly feeStarting from 1,520 yen per month
Number of videosOver 100,000 pieces
Video genreCosplay, SM, Lesbian, Gay
corresponding deviceComputer, smartphone, TV, tablet
method of paymentCredit card, deposit, Rakuten Pay, electronic money

DUGA price plans and payment methods

DUGA also offers unlimited viewing plans for a monthly fee. You can watch erotic videos by choosing from the following three types. The payment method is credit card, and payment can only be made by the following methods. DUGA and the purchased title will not be displayed on the statement after payment, only the alias will be listed, so your private information will not be leaked to others. A list of supported credit cards is below. I think there are some that can be used right away, so check them out.

credit cardVISA / MasterCard / JCB
Payment MethodCredit card / Bank transfer / Electronic money / BitCash / Edy / Rakuten Anshin Payment

Monthly price plan

The monthly fee plan is for beginners and allows you to watch as many videos as you like by paying a fixed amount. Monthly fee starts from 1520 yen.

Single item sales (PPV)

If you don’t have many items like this in DUGA, there is a single item sale (PPV). Since you will only be purchasing one work, this is a plan that does not require unnecessary costs. There are plans starting from around 200 yen.

rental plan

There is a rental plan that allows you to watch erotic videos for a limited time for around 300 yen for 7 days. This plan is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy videos for just a few days.

What genres does DUGA handle?

DUGA covers the following genres. As you can see below, it is mainly videos for maniacs, so it is not suitable for general normal videos at all. This site is highly recommended for enthusiasts to register. As you can see on the top page, it basically supports all genres, so you can definitely enjoy it.

GenreAmateur/Mature woman/Actress/Idol/Lolita/School girl/Fetish/Scat/SM/M man/Queen/Gay/Shemale/Lesbian/Situation/Planning/Voyeurism/Exposure/Slut/Cosplay/Masturbation/Foreigner/Drama /Adult/Movie/Anime/Beautiful girl game

Advantages, disadvantages and features of DUGA

We will highlight the specific advantages, disadvantages, and features of DUGA. DUGA allows you to watch a few seconds of sample videos for free, so you can get a feel for the atmosphere.

Monthly channel

You can choose from the following eight types of DUGA monthly channels. All channels have distinct characteristics, so I highly recommend them.

Channel nameNumber of videosMonthly feeFeatures
Soft on demand80003,980 yen for 30 daysSOD Create’s main works channel
paradise tv20001,520 yen for 30 daysAdult variety show channel
amateur channel58002,800 yen for 30 daysAmateur gal and college girl channel
next group10001,800 yen for 30 daysMILF and voyeur channel
MILF channel50002,800 yen for 30 daysMarried woman pick-up and fetish maniac channel
KMP20001,980 yen for 30 daysBeautiful girl AV channel
glory quest20002,480 yen for 30 daysChannel for transsexuals and scatology
Kansai Mania Club5003,800 yen for 30 daysChannels such as bloodshed and training

Compatible with smartphones and tablets

DUGA is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you can easily watch videos. If you link products you purchase on your computer to your smartphone or tablet, you can use them without any additional charges, which is very convenient.

Cannot be downloaded, streaming playback

Unfortunately, DUGA’s works cannot be downloaded, but they can be streamed. At DUGA, you can play purchased erotic videos and sample videos on the DUGA streaming player. DUGA players are new and do not require downloading or installing any proprietary tools.

Over 100,000 videos

DUGA has over 100,000 works, so it’s hard to get bored. However, as explained above, there are almost no videos for normal users, so we specialize in videos for enthusiasts. However, the number of videos is small compared to other companies in the same industry. This is because DUGA specializes in video mountaineering for enthusiasts.


There are not many new releases

DUGA specializes in video series for enthusiasts, so there are not many new works. Compared to paid erotic video distribution sites, it is somewhat less frequent.

Contains a mosaic

DUGA is a video series for enthusiasts, but the videos always include mosaics. The big disadvantage is that you cannot watch uncensored works.

Is there any safety issue?

No viruses or one-click scams. Also, even if I used this site with antivirus software running, I didn’t have any signs of any reaction, so I can say from my experience that it’s a site I can recommend.

Complete support system

DUGA has a dedicated inquiry page where you can ask questions to support. You can rest assured that your support inquiries will be answered within a day or so.

What are the reviews and reputation of DUGA?

So, to see what users who have actually used DUGA feel, please refer to the comments and experiences from X (Twitter). It’s a video site for enthusiasts, so there aren’t many reviews.

半月でduga無料登録40人獲得した方法をざっくり説明。 まずはツイムビのカッターという神ツールでいい感じにdugaサンプル編集して複数投稿。 それをこれまた神ツールのツイリアで他のアカウントからも引用で投稿量産。 売れる商品はニタニタ2号店でhkさんがコレ売れるよって公開してくれてます。

Source : X



Source : X

How to register for DUGA

You can register using the link below. Please note that those under the age of 18 cannot register.


Open the official website, access the free membership registration page, enter your email address, password, email magazine reception settings, and age in the form and submit. Click “Register” to complete.

How to withdraw from DUGA

DUGA’s monthly program course uses an automatic recurring billing system, so please cancel your monthly fee first. If you wish to withdraw from the monthly program course or the site, please contact support. Don’t worry, it’s relatively easy to unsubscribe. To do so, open My Page and go to the “Cancellation/Withdrawal” section.