[JAV: DUGA] How to change monthly billing, cancel and unsubscribe Frequently asked questions


When you register as a member on DUGA, there are many genres, and even if you are new to the site, you can enjoy and enjoy erotic videos. There are probably many people who subscribe to monthly programs, but if you want to cancel your subscription to DUGA, you must first cancel your monthly plan. Be careful when doing this, as incorrect steps can cause a lot of trouble. We have also compiled some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.


How to stop using the monthly fee

If you have a monthly plan, it will automatically update without permission, so if you leave it unchecked, you will end up spending money over and over again. In this case, please complete the suspension procedure in advance. In the case of PPV purchase or rental, there is no need to process anything as it is a one-time payment.

Monthly usage history of My Page

First, log in and open the monthly usage history screen on My Page. A list of programs currently in use will be displayed. Press the cancellation button for the program you want to cancel. You can now cancel the contract.

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State the reason for cancellation

When you press the cancellation button, you will be asked to enter the reason for cancellation. On this screen for canceling your subscription, you can see how long you can watch paid channels. When you press the button, the expiration date will be displayed and the cancellation procedure will be completed. You can also purchase the same channel again even if you cancel your subscription.

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How to delete your DUGA account

Deleting your DUGA account is very easy. Please follow the steps below. However, please be sure to cancel your monthly fee before canceling your membership. If you have forgotten it, please contact support. The article below explains how to contact us.

Go to my page

Click My Page while logging in to go to My Page. You can cancel using the link below. If it does not work properly, please contact the support center. When canceling your membership, you may be asked to fill out a survey, but you can ignore it. After clicking “Withdraw completely”, a screen like this will be displayed if the procedure is completed successfully.


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Change DUGA account information

DUGA also allows you to change the registration information of your registered account. Please refer to the following cases. Our security standards are very high, so you can rest assured that your personal information will not be leaked.

How to change credit card

At DUGA, you basically pay by credit card, but if you change your credit card, you can change it. You can complete the procedure on My Page. You can complete the procedure by clicking the button to register your credit card.

Email address changed

You can complete the procedure on My Page. However, if you have already deleted your email address and can no longer use it, please contact our support center with both your old and new email address.

How to change your password

DUGA allows you to change your password. Changes can be made at any time by accessing My Page. Also, if you forget your password, you can reset it from the login screen.

Source : Duga

Frequently asked questions about withdrawal from DUGA

We have summarized frequently asked questions regarding withdrawal from DUGA (Apex). Please try to reference. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to download or view your purchase history. If this is your first time, please search for the site map using Guide from the top of the page. It is very convenient to search as it has a list of keywords and distribution categories.

Is it possible to watch videos after completely withdrawing from DUGA?

It depends on the type of work purchased. Works marked with “DRM included” and works that are part of monthly programs will no longer be playable if you cancel or completely withdraw from the monthly program, or if the viewing period has expired. If None, the above restrictions do not apply. You cannot watch DUGA videos on Commercial unless you have the DUGA player environment. It is also stated in the Terms of Use.

Cancellation procedure cannot be canceled

The disadvantage is that once you withdraw from DUGA, you cannot cancel the withdrawal procedure. All data will be deleted. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to watch the videos you have purchased. Please think carefully before leaving. The company’s policy is set, so if you’re interested in Content Service, continue.

Monthly charges stop after canceling membership

You cannot stop the monthly fee on your own after canceling your membership. You will need to contact the support center and have them take care of it. It is also written on the HELP page from Contents. After canceling your membership, you will become a guest, and if you want to shop, you will mainly purchase PPV. If you are hesitant because there are many labels and works that include AV actresses, you should reconsider.

Is it possible to re-register?

Re-registration is possible with DUGA. However, you will need to enter all the information again. You can also re-register using the email address you previously unsubscribed from. You will be able to receive yearly advance distribution and limited time information, as well as important new information via email. It is recommended as it is available for download and sale. It’s an adult site that ranks high in the popularity rankings, so there’s no harm in registering.