GIGA: Super heroine & hero erotic video site Fighting special effects squadron adult site


GIGA is a cosplay adult video AV maker that specializes in specialized title videos of special effects squadrons such as heroines and heroes. Among the erotic video sites, this site offers works for a fee and specializes in the Sentai series, so it can be said to be a recommended site for those who like cosplay. I will explain the appeal of GIGA.


What is GIGA? What kind of site is it?

GIGA is a special effects adult video maker that specializes in works such as heroine movies. An independent adult video maker founded in 1995, it initially distributed scat videos. However, since the beginning of the 2000s, when he started working on Sentai products, he began to produce many hit works. This is a manufacturer that pioneered the special effects heroine market. The works are currently on sale at DUGA.

Address5-22-11-209 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Main characters/series

GIGA specializes in Sentai series, and the following series are very popular with users. Let’s pick a few and introduce them. Sailor heroines and heroes of love transform and fight against evil organizations, but they lose and are destroyed.

magical girl series

Magical girl series are works in which girls who can use magic, such as Fontaine and Beautiful Masked Aurora, fight against enemies. However, most of the heroines are defeated by the evil organization and are subjected to humiliation. There are cases where people are brainwashed.

Sentai stuff (hero, heroine)

Sentai Mono is a series in which heroes and heroines such as Pink and Red play the main roles and fight against monsters. Dengeki Sentai Perfect Ranger is a perfect example of this. This is the classic Sentai series, so I highly recommend it to those who like special effects. The female executive series is another, and these are also well received. You can enjoy being a slut.

American comic heroine series

A heroine reminiscent of American comics appears. Spandexer, SUPERLADY, Wonder Lady, etc. are especially famous. These series are also particularly popular and have a certain number of fixed fans.

investigator series

The Investigator series is about an investigator wearing formal clothes who plans in advance to infiltrate an enemy’s hideout, only to be discovered and completely destroyed.

modified human series

Modified humans are mainly depicted as heroines or heroes who take on evil secret societies. Of course, there are also erotic scenes. In some cases, punishments include tickling.

DUGA has a wide range of special effects series

DUGA has a wide selection of special effects series. This is a highly recommended video site not only for the GIGA series, but also for special effects and fetish genres. If you are interested, please refer to the following articles.