[JAV:HEYZO] How to cancel paid membership and withdraw from the site


HEYZO delivers many videos of extremely high quality, but compared to other sites, there are fewer videos, so it’s easy to get bored. How do I cancel and unsubscribe from the site when I get bored with it? I have summarized the points. Please try to reference.


How to cancel paid membership and leave the site

HEYZO also processes payments at the time of membership, so withdrawal of a paid member means withdrawal from the site itself. This makes the process very easy and smooth. First, check when your current contract expires. Please try logging in. Select “Account Settings” from the top right of the site. Click “Membership period/Withdrawal/Re-enrollment” to change the screen. The date displayed in “Automatic renewal date” will be the expiration date.

Source : https://m.heyzo.com/

Next, let’s talk about withdrawal. Cancellations can be made from the bottom of the official website. Even after canceling your membership, you can continue to use HEYZO until the expiration date of your membership period, so you can watch and download without any problems. Please note that once you cancel your membership, all membership status will be deleted.

Source : https://m.heyzo.com/

You will be asked to respond to a survey using the form on the last page, so select it and proceed. Finally, enter your D2pass ID (email address) and password and click the “Cancellation Process” button. This completes the process. This completes the guidance on the necessary procedures and returns you to the top page. I explained it with an illustration, what do you think? If it’s okay, that’s fine, but if you have any questions or forgot anything, please contact support from the site map.

Source : https://m.heyzo.com/

Is it possible to re-register HEYZO?

At HEYZO, just because an existing user cancels their membership, it does not mean that they will be permanently cancelled. It is possible to join again. The article below provides a thorough explanation, so please refer to it. If you have a payment method such as v-Preca or credit card, you can register for the service immediately.