[JAV:HEYZO] Explanation of membership/registration methods and payment methods


You can register and download videos on the adult site HEYZO. This article explains how to register safely. HEYZO is an erotic video site operated by DTI Group, the largest adult site. HEYZO uses many famous AV actresses and produces many high quality works. So, I will explain how you can join HEYZO and how to join.


HEYZO membership/registration method, payment method

How to join and register for HEYZO is available from the link page below. Click on how to join at the top right of the screen. If you register, you can download, purchase, and play high-quality videos of amateurs and mature women, so you can rest assured. We will guide you through the easy procedure, so please check it out. Convenient as you can pay by card etc.


source : https://www.heyzo.com/

HEYZO only offers monthly rate plans and annual rate plans, so you can select either one and proceed with registration at the same time as billing. Click the [Apply] button for the course of your choice now. There is no actual review, and you will be able to view it automatically on your smartphone.

source : https://www.heyzo.com/

A screen will appear where you can enter contract information. Since the information is stored encrypted, there is no risk of personal information being leaked. The contract is now complete. An email containing your login password and ID will be sent to your registered email address. Be sure to store this securely.

source : https://www.heyzo.com/

Only credit cards accepted

HEYZO accepts credit card payments, so a credit card is required. Please note that the only supported credit cards are Visa/MasterCard/JCB/Diners Club. In some cases, payment can be made with a debit card if it supports the above four requirements.

What is D2passID?

On the screen above, the word D2passID will appear. HEYZO is a site that is a member of the comprehensive adult site “D2Pass”. A “D2PassID” is required to use member sites.

Inquiry to HEYZO Support Center

If you have any questions regarding your contract with HEYZO, please select “Help” from the bottom of the official website. Frequently asked questions have been compiled into a question collection. You can visit and ask support questions using the form.

source : https://www.heyzo.com/

If the problem is still not resolved, click here. You can ask questions directly to the official site staff.

source : https://www.heyzo.com/

Write down your questions. It will be sent to the staff.

source : https://www.heyzo.com/