[JAV: HEYZO] Video safety, features of uncensored videos Reputation and word of mouth Latest adult video evaluation review details


HEYZO is a highly rated and recommended uncensored adult site that opened in 2012. The quality of the work is extremely high, and it is popular and popular among users. We have summarized the detailed reviews and reputation, as well as safety when watching videos. HEYZO will no longer accept new memberships for the download plan in 2022, and currently only accepts memberships for the streaming plan.


HEYZO basic information, company information

HEYZO is a video data distribution service started in 2012. Compared to other companies, it can be said that the safety is very high as it has been in operation for over 10 years. Although you can only pay by credit card, you can enjoy many high-quality videos. In fact, however, the number of videos is smaller, around 3000. It is a highly rated and valuable site.

Site nameHEYZO
Site management history2012
GenreAll genres
Fee structureMonthly plan (30 days): $39 (5,850 yen)
Annual plan (360 days): $390 (58,500 yen)
Number of videos3000
Number of new videos updated20 to 30 bottles per month
Presence of modificationUncensored
Download capacity limitunlimited
DRM restrictionsNo limit
PC/smartphone compatibility status
Payment Methodcredit card

Price plans and payment methods

There are only two pricing plans: a monthly plan and an annual plan. If you join with a monthly plan, you cannot upgrade to an annual plan. You will need to cancel your monthly plan and then re-enroll in your annual plan. Payment methods are credit card only; VISA/Master/JCB/Diners are accepted. Debit cards can also be used as long as they have the brands listed above. KINGSUMMIT will be written on your credit card statement, so you won’t know that you used an adult site.

monthly plan
(30 days)
39$Hey video points 600pt
Annual plan
(360 days)
390$Hey video points 6000pt

Compatible with all genres

HEYZO’s strength is that it supports all genres. You can watch uncensored videos of beautiful AV actresses, so the quality is extremely high. Search is also excellent, allowing you to perform detailed searches such as:

actress type“Amateur”, “Mature woman”, “Foreigner”, “Big breasts”, “Slender”
“Beautiful butt”, “Beautiful legs”, “Beautiful breasts”, “Lolita”, “Gal”
“Shaved” “Former celebrity” “Fair skin” “Micro”
Play content“69” “Facial” “Creampie” “Anal” “Handjob”
“Footjob”, “Masturbation”, “Bukkake”, “Orgy”
“Titty fuck”, “Lotion”, “Toy”, “No blow job”
“Cowgirl” “Doggy Style” “Ejaculation in Mouth” “Squirting” “Double Hole Torture”
“Intercrural Sex” “Dirty Talk” “Finger Fuck”
Video theme“Affair/Cheating” “Gonzo” “SM” “Erotic wear” “Nampa”
“Peeping”, “Lesbian”, “Brush down”, “Exposure”, “Restraint”, “Slut”
“Female teacher” “OL” “Soap” “Cosplay” “Nurse” “Uniform”
“Japanese clothes” “Outdoor” “Bath” “Drive” “Training” “Delivery health”
“Retirement”, “Swimsuit”, “Club”, “Cabaret”, “Massage”

Advantages, disadvantages, and features of HEYZO

HEYZO has the following advantages, disadvantages, and features. I have updated the status of the latest version. There are many good reviews and the production quality is high, so if you watch it on your own, you’ll be very excited. The frequency of continuous viewing is very high. This is a very safe site.

Creampie in all works

HEYZO is an uncensored video site that is particular about creampies during SEX. Recommended for men who want to watch erotic videos of creampies.

3 types of image quality

All videos are available in three different image qualities: There are Full HD version (5000kbps 1920×1080), HD Lite version (2000kbps 960×540), and 400kbps (400kbps 706×396), and users can choose according to their preference.

maniac genre

HEYZO supports all genres, but it is extremely weak in genres for enthusiasts such as cosplay, voyeurism, and amateurs. Even if you do a search, there are almost no genres for enthusiasts.

Streaming playback

Streaming playback can be played without limit. It is possible to download to “V-RACK”. You cannot download it to your smartphone or computer.

Not many new videos

HEYZO updates very few videos. About a few a month. However, the quality of each piece is extremely high. The quality of the basic works is high, and we use AV actresses, so they are all famous people.

HEYZO reviews and reputation

The reviews and reputation of HEYZO are as follows. I’ve collected some from X (Twitter).

足フェチな僕がよく使う アダルトチャンネル ・FANZA ・MGS動画 ・FC2 ・しろハメ ・TOKYO HOT ・カリビアンコム ・一本道 ・天然むすめ ・HEYZO

Source X

わいの友人が竹中平蔵を「HEYZO」ってLINE送ってくるんやが 昔見てたアダルトサイト思い起こしてドキドキしちゃう

Source X

How to register HEYZO

You can register for HEYZO from the link below. You can watch by selecting a price plan. Select the plan of your choice and proceed from “Application” to “Purchase Procedure”, so please be careful not to make a mistake with the plan you want to use. Once you complete the steps, the “purchase procedure (membership registration)” will be completed.


How to withdraw from HEYZO

The withdrawal method is very simple. After logging in, click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. A survey screen will appear, so answer the survey and you’re done. Even after canceling your membership, you can continue to use the service until your membership period expires, but you will no longer be able to view new content after your membership period expires.