[JAV: Ippondo] Is there any safety issue? Word of mouth and reputation Adult site ratings and reviews


Is adult site Ippondo safe? We will introduce and explain how to join, unsubscribe, reputation, and evaluation reviews. Ippondo is an adult video site where you can watch many original works including popular AV actresses. Perhaps because it is a long-established site, it is well known and has been in operation for a long time, so there are no safety issues. So, what kind of reviews and reputation do Ippondo have? I tried to summarize everything.


Ippondo basic information and management information

Ippondo is an overseas uncensored adult site, but all the videos are made for Japanese tastes. Therefore, most of the viewers will be Japanese. Our sister site is Caribbeancom, which is also a popular site. Since it is operated by DTI, it can be said to be a very safe video site. After registering as a member, you can watch as many uncensored videos of AV actresses as you like by becoming a paid member. There are also many good reviews on the official website. There are currently discount services available, so many users continue to pay.

Site nameone road
GenreAll genres
Number of videos4000
Video update frequencyAbout 3 bottles per week
download limitUnlimited with “V-RACK”
Streaming playback
Compatible with smartphones and tablets

How much does the monthly plan cost?

There are monthly plans and annual plans. If you join with a monthly plan, you cannot upgrade to an annual plan. If you want to enjoy the annual plan, you will need to cancel your membership and re-enroll in the annual plan. You can also receive special benefits as a member. Coupons can be used like money on the site. Ippondo also offers a free 24-hour unlimited viewing plan. You can cancel your 24-hour plan from the day you join. If you do not cancel your membership during the free period, you will automatically be transferred to the monthly plan.

24 hour free planFree
Monthly plan (30 days)44$Caribbeancom Premium Coupon 30$
Annual plan (360 days)440$Caribbeancom Premium Coupon 100$

The main plans are $44 and $440. Videos are updated daily and weekly, so the annual plan is recommended for core users. If you want to watch it all day long, the yearly plan is the best value for money.

Ippondo payment method

Ippondo’s payment method is credit card (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB) or debit card. Compatible with only 4 brands. In addition, the credit card statement will include either “DI SERVE” or “DTISERVE.”

Features, advantages and disadvantages of 1pondo

Ippondo has the following characteristics, so I hope you find them helpful. If you have any questions, please contact our support service via live chat. It’s convenient because there are many high-quality videos, and you can purchase recommended videos with coupons and points.

Compatible with all genres

All Ippondo videos are compatible with all genres. Therefore, you can enjoy all genres, so even beginners can enjoy watching it. There are gals, anime, fetishes, beauties, lesbians, masturbation, voyeurs, enthusiasts, models, mature women, etc., and there is a really rich variety of play content. Users can watch the best sex scenes on their computers with the click of a button.

Safety and reliability

Ippondo, like Caribbeancom, is operated by a DTI group company. This company has a long track record of operating adult video sites, so safety and reliability are guaranteed. There have never been any incidents of fraudulent charges or fraud. The price is also very low, and you can rest assured that there is no illegal video distribution. Official support is also solid.

They also handle works by AV actresses.

Currently, Ippondo seems to have a lot of amateur videos, but they also handle a lot of videos starring AV actresses. There are no works that use completely amateur casts. Ippondo also lists weekly, monthly, annual, and actress rankings. In fact, works that are ranked high are seen even when compared to others, and are highly evaluated by those around them, so they are worth watching.

They also handle series videos.

Series works with a high level and rank are popular enough to have fans and are accessed frequently. There aren’t many works in the same series, but there isn’t just one series, but many series appear on the screen in succession, so once you like a series, you can enjoy it more and more. We have past works and new works, so we recommend it because it covers many categories in the industry.

Unlimited streaming playback

Of course, streaming playback is unlimited. Also, regarding downloading, you can download an unlimited number of files using the dedicated tool V-RACK. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to use this function, so you will not be able to download videos or images to your device. The reason is that copyright is thoroughly protected and viewers only have the right to view it. Please check the terms of use separately.

What are the reviews and reputation of Ippondo?

There are some reviews and reputations for Ippondo, so I’m quoting some from X (Twitter). A lot of people have been watching it since the beginning, so there are a lot of long-time fans who are very knowledgeable about it. However, since it is an old comprehensive content, the number of posts has completely disappeared. However, since the cost performance is good, there are still a lot of fans.





Source : X

抜いて濡らして頑張チョ 一本道 迫力のハイビジョンでオリジナル独占動画や人気AV動画を配信するサイトが 一本道 です。

Source : X


Source : X

How to register as a member of Ippondo

You can register as a member of Ippondo from the link below. You can join by selecting your desired rate plan and entering your credit card information.


How to withdraw from Ippondo

To unsubscribe, click the “Withdrawal Form” at the bottom of the site. A survey page will be displayed, so just fill in the required fields and you’re done.