[JAV: Ippondo] How to unsubscribe from the site and how to cancel automatic updates


Ippondo is a very famous adult video site. However, if you get tired of watching the videos, you can unsubscribe. Please note that in order to cancel your monthly plan or annual plan, you will need to complete the withdrawal procedure. Withdrawal and cancellation of subscription will be done at the same time.


How to unsubscribe from the site

You can find out how to unsubscribe from the site on the official website, but you can do so from the link below. Proceed to the guidance information from the bottom of the page. You will need your username and d2 password. You can also go to the withdrawal page from the top page. At the end, there are answers to the questionnaire.


Precautions before withdrawal

If you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to use member-only services, convenient functions, and benefit details. The site will automatically charge you continuously, so if you wish to cancel your membership, please complete the cancellation procedures and filling out the information by the day before your renewal date.

Cancellation of withdrawal is possible

You can cancel your withdrawal. This is subject to the condition that the membership period expires. Please contact the support center for details.

Withdrawal form

Please select “Cancellation Form” from the link above. All you have to do is answer a simple questionnaire, enter your user ID (email address) and password in the withdrawal form, and click “Submit.” The cancellation is complete when the “Cancellation procedure has been completed” screen appears. This will also cancel your monthly billing plan.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

Automatic continuation will also be canceled.

After you cancel your membership, your credit card charges will stop. If you look at your credit card billing statement, you should not be charged for automatic renewal, so be sure to check. Please rest assured that charges due to fraudulent charges will not occur straight away.

Is it possible to re-register Ippondo?

Even if you cancel your Ippondo membership, you can re-register. When re-registering, you will have to go through the entire process again from scratch. Please refer to the article below.