[JAV: Ippondo] Joining, registration method and credit card payment method Adult site (video site) explanation


Ippondo is a very famous adult video site along with Caribbeancom. By signing up for this site and making a payment at the same time, you will be able to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan and watch summaries. So, I will explain how you can watch it.


Ippondo membership, registration method, payment method

To register for Ippondo, first click on the link below.


First of all, with Ippondo, you must be over 18 years old. Please note that you cannot register if you are under the age of 18 (18+). The detailed flow of operations will be explained with illustrations.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

Please select “Membership Information” at the top of the official website.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

Please check the purchase screen page. Please check the details of the contract explanation and select either the monthly plan or the annual plan when signing up. You can also get coupons, which is very convenient. The monthly plan costs $44, and the annual plan costs $440.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

Registration is completed by entering your email address, password, and credit card information. For credit cards, please enter only numbers for the card number and a 3-digit security number. Registration and payment are now complete. Only VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB are accepted as credit cards. Debit cards are also available in four brands.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

How to contact the support center

If you have any questions about joining, we recommend contacting the support center. Inquiries to the support center can be made from the bottom of the official website. You can make inquiries whether you are logged in or not. Click the button below to find out how.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

Fill out the necessary information and send. You can ask about various things such as current fees, application, account, credit card company, VIP plan, payment, etc. Images can be attached as attachments. It can be sent via smartphone or online.

Source : https://www.1pondo.tv/

Frequently asked questions about joining Ippondo

We have collected a summary of frequently asked questions regarding joining Ippondo. Please refer to them from the beginning as they are explained briefly. I will explain it clearly.

Does personal information need to be accurate?

You will be required to enter your name and other information when signing up. You can enter any postal code, etc., but your name and other information will be checked against the information registered on your card, so you must register your real name.

Will I be automatically charged for the 24-hour trial membership?

If you are a 24-hour free member, you can cancel your 24-hour plan from the day you join. If you do not cancel your membership during the free period, you will automatically be transferred to the monthly plan.

What will happen to the billing name on the statement?

Your credit card billing name will appear as “DI SERVE” or “DTISERVE.” It does not write anything that would indicate that it is an adult site, such as 1pondo'' oruncensored.”