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The adult site JAPANSKA features many famous AV actresses appearing in uncensored videos. I will explain its safety and reputation. Yapanska is a site that distributes adult videos of all genres, so it is a very well-known site. However, since it is a former Zipangu company, many people are concerned about it. That’s why we are collecting reviews and reputations for this site.


Yapanska company information, basic information

Yapanska is an adult video distribution service launched in 2019. Currently, there are servers overseas, so there is no problem for individuals to download for viewing. It can be downloaded on smartphones such as iPhone and Android as well as tablets. The most popular is uncensored leaked videos of famous AV actresses. Although the adult site doesn’t look good, many recommended AV actresses appear on the official site. Real user reviews are pretty good.

無修正アダルト動画 JAPANSKA-ヤパンスカ
Site operation history2019~
Operating companyGolden Gateway
Number of videos4000
Video update frequency2-3 bottles per day
With or without mosaicAll uncensored
GenreAll genres
Monthly fee39$
How to play videosStreaming playback
download play
Video download restrictionsUp to 6GB per day
Continuous for 91 days or more, VIP members can up to 10.0GB per day
DRM restrictions×
Compatible terminalPC, smartphone, tablet
Payment Methodcredit card
AMEX/Diners Club)
業界最安値!無修正動画配信 JAPANSKA(ヤパンスカ)

Yapanska pricing plan

Yapanska has a lot of payment plan payment procedures. The joining fee is fixed at $10, and we offer not only a 30-day ($29) monthly plan, but also 60-day ($55), 90-day ($80), and 180-day ($150) monthly plans. Payment methods are VISA/MasterCard/JCB/AMEX/Diners Club. The payment company name “pay-network” will be displayed on your credit card statement. Payments will be converted into dollars.

  • Regular member 30 days (general member): 29$ + enrollment fee 10$
  • Regular membership 60 days (Silver member): 55$ + joining fee 10$
  • Regular membership 90 days (Gold membership): 80$ + joining fee 10$
  • Regular membership 180 days (Platinum member): 150$ + joining fee 10$
  • ExpressVIP member 90 days (Gold member): 80$ + joining fee 10$
  • ExpressVIP member 180 days (Platinum member): 150$ + joining fee 10$

An ExpressVIP member is a member that is one rank higher than a regular member. You can watch thousands of leaked videos of ultra-rare AV actresses that are sold for 30,000 yen each on the FC2 content market, so it’s a great deal. If you become a VIP member, you will be able to download VIP exclusive works, full-length videos can be downloaded at any time, and the daily download limit will be 10GB.

Regarding safety and reliability

Yapanska is the successor to ZIPANG, a site that originally distributed videos of everyone from AV actresses to idols without permission. As expected, ZIPANG has closed down. Currently, it is well managed under the name Yapanska. Due to the short period of operation, it is not possible to evaluate the results yet, but there have been no problems yet, so it is a safe site. Information entered on Yapanska is sent and received securely using SSL encrypted communication. Therefore, there is no risk of personal information or credit card information being leaked to a third party.

Yapanska features, advantages and disadvantages

In fact, the characteristics of Yapanska are as follows, so I have summarized them. It is a popular site that has received a lot of access recently among paid video sites, and is ranked high in the overall rankings. It’s a comprehensive site with many new releases, as well as many past videos, so it’s attractive. We also have a lot of support, so if you have any concerns or troubles, please feel free to ask us using the contact form and we will help you.

Uncensored videos of popular AV actresses

Yapanska delivers unmosaic videos of many famous AV actresses, amateur sex videos, junior idols, and voyeur videos. It is attracting a lot of attention because ultra-rare works and newly shot videos of famous AV actresses are distributed quite frequently. In Japan, if you distribute uncensored videos, you will be arrested, but JAPANSKA’s operating company is Golden Gateway, an overseas company, so it is not illegal. However, secondary sales are prohibited.

No possibility of virus infection or fraud

There is no possibility of virus infection or fraud. Rest assured that there are no virus infections or malicious sales. Also, there have been no particularly large charges. Since data is sent and received using encrypted system technology and managed, no problems will occur in the future.

No DRM restrictions

Yapanska has no DRM restrictions. Sites with DRM restrictions have a mechanism that prevents you from viewing all saved videos if you cancel your membership, but with JAPANSKA, once you download a video and save it to your device, you can watch it even if you cancel your membership.

Enhanced search function

Yapanska has more extensive search functions than other adult video distribution services. JAPANSKA’s search items can be searched using a wide variety of items such as the ones below. It’s really easy to use, so you can enjoy the videos you want. The latest information includes ordinary amateurs and beautiful actresses who have just made their debut, so you can basically enjoy and be satisfied.

categoryAV actress, famous AV actress, legendary AV actress, amateur
Voyeurism, idols, scandals
Work typeLatest titles, S-class titles, original titles
Full high definition, high definition, high resolution
VIP titles, recommended titles, limited time titles
Uncensored, erased, mosaic, popular series
Masterpieces/topic works, rare titles, Gonzo, leaked
Personal photography, erotic wear, image video
costumeSailor suit/uniform, bloomers/gym wear
School swimsuit, swimsuit/bikini
Leotard, race queen, Japanese clothes/kimono
White coat/nurse, maid, anime/game character
OL/Secretary, Female Teacher, Cheerleader
knee high, bondage
Play contentBlowjob, double blowjob, deep throat, ball licking
Titty fuck, hand job, foot job, fingering, cunnilingus
69, masturbation, serious juice, squirting/incontinence
Raw sex, anal fuck, threesome, orgy
facial, cum in mouth, creampie, bukkake
Anal play, cleaning blowjob/cum swallowing
Urinating, shaving, restraint/bondage, dirty talk, SM
lesbian, cosplay

Videos that cannot be viewed unless you are a VIP member

Regular members can watch 3,000 videos, and VIP members can watch 2,000 videos. In other words, there are quite a few videos that can only be viewed by becoming a VIP member, so if you are a fan, it would be better to become a VIP member. Regular members must pay $60 or continue service for 91 days to upgrade to VIP membership.

What are the reviews and reputation of Yapanska?

I have excerpted some of the reviews and reputation of Yapanska from X (Twitter). There are a lot of new and exciting videos out there, and many users are enjoying them quite a bit. Some videos published on the top page have a deadline.


Source : X

ヤパンスカの夏休み限定公開作品が豪華。 もちろん全部ダウンロードしました

Source : X


Source : X

How to register for Yapanska

You can register for Yapanska from the link below. Click “New Member Registration” at the top or left side of the page. Then, decide on your membership plan and click “Apply.” Enter your ID and password and click “Confirm input contents”. Finally, enter your country of residence and credit card information. Credit card payment will begin at the same time as membership.

業界最安値!無修正動画配信 JAPANSKA(ヤパンスカ)

How to withdraw from Yapanska

To unsubscribe from Yapanska, click “Withdraw” on the bottom right side of the official page. After answering the questionnaire, her withdrawal process is complete. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation, so please check your email address.