[JAV: Javholic] Is it a safe site? Word of mouth and reputation, evaluation reviews, how to join and withdraw


We will explain actual information such as reviews and reputation, testimonials, safety, evaluation reviews, and how to join and withdraw from Javholic site’s uncensored videos. Javholic is a service where you can enjoy nearly 10,000 adult videos. Javholic distributes videos from nine sites that have already been shut down as well as original gonzo videos, so it is characterized by having many old videos. So what are the actual reviews and reputation of this site?


Javholic basic information, company information

Javholic is a relatively new adult video distribution service founded in 2017. Javholic handles videos from services that have already been discontinued, so many of the videos are very old. Nowadays, compared to other sites, there are a large number of valuable works that can only be obtained from Javholic. Therefore, there are many registered users. Many mature women and AV actresses appear on the comprehensive site, and you can also watch maniacs, fetish, lesbian, Western (foreigners), assisted dating, gay, married women, actresses, mature women, anime, voyeurs, etc. There are also coupons available for a limited time only.

Operating companyKing Summit Enterprises Limited
groupDTI / D2Pass
GenreAll genres
Presence of uncensored videosAll uncensored
Number of videos10000
New update frequency60 per month
image qualityMax:1920×1080
file formatMP4
Streaming playback
DRM restrictionsDRM-free
Download limit/1 dayDownload member: 5.0GB per day
Not available to unlimited streaming members
Fee systemMonthly system (Flat rate system)
method of paymentCredit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Diners Club)
Using smartphone/tabletAndroid / iPhone / iPad

Javholic monthly pricing plan

Javholic basically has two types of plans: streaming plans and download plans. Streaming cannot be downloaded. If you have a download plan, you can download up to 5.0GB of videos per day, and streaming playback is also possible. Annual plans are cheaper and offer a discount. You can check the list from the top page.

Streaming (30 days)8.33$Streaming play only/Download not possible
Streaming (360 days)99$
download(30 days)20.83$Both download and streaming playback possible
download(360 days)249.99$

Monthly streaming (30 days) in operation costs $8.33, and streaming (360 days) costs $99. It ranks high in the popularity rankings among overseas AV sites. Since the price is low, we recommend it because you can watch unlimited videos every day. There is also live chat support.

Javholic payment methods

Javholic only accepts credit card payment methods. We accept VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB, and we also accept debit cards of similar brands. The payment agency will be listed as “KINGSUMMIT” on your credit card statement, so you can rest assured that there will be no trace of you using an adult video distribution service. If you have any questions, you can apply from the screen and receive support by phone or email.

Javholic safety

There are no particular safety issues with Javholic. I started up my antivirus software and checked it, but there were no problems with the site. The operating company is DTI Group, the largest adult affiliate, so it is highly safe and reliable. To date, there have been no cases of fraudulent or fictitious billing. Javholic uses SSL (encrypted communication), so all personal information is encrypted. There has been no damage, and it will continue to be a highly recommended video site in the industry.

Javholic features, advantages and disadvantages

Javholic has the following characteristics. Since you can see the contents of past video sites, many people purchase it and it has a high rating. However, due to old content, there are some works that are not high quality and have poor quality images. There are many categories, and the prices are low, making it a very good value for money.

You can watch videos that were distributed on closed sites

Javholic allows you to watch the following videos that are closed and cannot be viewed. On the other hand, there are many videos that can only be viewed on Javholic. The following are available for reference: If you become a member, you will be able to watch nostalgic content at a low price. This is the site with the most satisfying programs.

  • Akiba Honpo
  • J Girl Paradise
  • J Amateur Paradise
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Treasured Eros Planet
  • oriental movie
  • cream lemon
  • back movie

All works available for unlimited streaming

All works are available for unlimited streaming. This applies to all pricing plans. There is also a download plan that allows you to download videos DRM-free. You can save the videos to your PC, etc., so you can enjoy the videos even after canceling your membership.

Uncensored works distributed

Javholic has a lot of uncensored videos, so if you want to watch videos without mosaics, we highly recommend it. Another big advantage is that it is available at a low price. There are a lot of old works like Caribbeancom Premium, so it may not be suitable for people who are not good at it, but it is safe without any trouble.

Poor image quality

Javholic has many old works, so the image quality is inevitably poor. As the number of videos with poor image quality increases, it is inferior in comparison to videos on other sites. However, on the other hand, you can use the service at a very low price.

What are the reviews and reputation of Javholic?

Unfortunately, Javholic’s reviews and reputation are not X (Twitter). Since Javholic itself has few original works, there are no reviews from current users.

How to register Javholic

To register and watch Javholic, click the link on the page below. Please refrain from using this service if you are under 18 years old. You can complete the procedure from “Membership Information” on the top right of the home page. You can use the service by paying with a credit card. Payment for the paid plan will also begin.

How to unsubscribe from Javholic

You can cancel your membership from the “Cancellation Form” located near the bottom of the official website. Javholic has an automatic renewal system, so your contract will be automatically renewed unless you cancel your membership. Also, once the withdrawal procedure is completed, you will no longer be able to use Javholic regardless of the remaining contract period.