JAV Free & Paid: Recommended erotic video site for married women and mature women


We will introduce recommended JAV sites that are safe and can be enjoyed every day, especially erotic video sites for married women and mature women, and adult video sites. We have collected very safe video sites, both free and paid. Therefore, we can recommend any site to some extent, so consider watching it for free or paying.


Recommended free erotic video sites for married women and mature women

First of all, I will announce the recommended ranking of free video sites from the perspective of the author and administrator. We have selected only safe sites that have an overwhelmingly large number of videos from all over the world, cover all genres, and are safe, so please use them as a reference. Some of the videos seem to have been uploaded illegally, and some have been deleted from time to time. If you want to watch safely, we recommend the paid video sites introduced below.

Site NameContentsURL
PornhubA long-established erotic video site operated by a Canadian companyHome
XVIDEOSOperated by Czech “WGCZ Holding”Home
エロタレストPopular erotic video summary site in JapanHome
FC2動画Las Vegas free video sharing siteHome
TUBE8Erotic video site similar to PornhubHome
XHAMSTERSite operated by a Cypriot companyHome
SpankbangErotic video site operated in AmericaHome
REDTUBECanadian free erotic video siteHome


Pornhub is a long-established erotic video site that has been around since 2007. This is a popular site that has been in the top 10 in terms of access, and you can watch videos of all genres for free. Many sex videos of married women and mature women are also uploaded. Recommended for those who like mature bodies, from young wives to those in their fifties.



XVIDEOS is an erotic video site established in 2007. There is probably no one who doesn’t know about XVIDEOS. The number of videos is over 7 million, and there are all genres, including mature woman series, so it is a recommended site because you can watch erotic videos from all over the world for free. We have everything from blowjobs to gonzo.



Video Erotarest is a popular erotic video compilation site in Japan. Links to multiple erotic videos are grouped together, so you can watch videos for free according to the image or your own taste. There are so many videos of Japanese mature women that you will never get bored. We have everything from shaved images of young beauties to insertion scenes of mature women in their 50s.



FC2 Adult Video has a server located in Las Vegas, USA. A large amount of amateur posted videos are being uploaded. New videos are added almost every day, and there are over 10 million videos, so the number is quite substantial. There are mature women with huge breasts, and there are even videos of them sucking cock.



This is an erotic video distribution site operated by the same group as Pornhub. The videos are mostly of AV actresses, and there aren’t many Japanese people in them. It has a similar mechanism to YouTube, and allows individuals to upload videos. There is a wide variety of videos of mature women and married women.



XHAMSTER, is a site operated by a Cypriot company. Although it is used by many users from all over the world, the site has a large number of foreign actors overall. There are many videos of mature women, but there are also many videos of foreigners. There are a wide variety of play styles, from normal to 3P, pick-up, ejaculation, and being cuckolded by someone else.



Spankbang is an erotic video site operated in the United States. There are many Japanese cosplay videos, and there are many DUGA videos that are advertised on this site. However, there are tens of thousands of videos of mature women, so we recommend them. There are facial cumshots, hand jobs, titjobs, and more, making it a content that will get you excited and satisfy your sexual desires.



REDTUBE, ranked 9th, is a Canadian free erotic video site that has been operating since 2007. REDTUBE is affiliated with the same company that operates Pornhub, so you can rest assured. This is an erotic video distribution site that is popular all over the world. There are also cuckolds and cum swallowing of other people, her friends’ boyfriends and girlfriends.


Recommended erotic video sites for paid married women and mature women

The next thing I will introduce is a paid erotic site. Usually, paid erotic sites have the disadvantage of requiring a monthly fee. However, there are no illegal videos uploaded, so it is 100% safe and you can satisfy your frustrations. We have listed the categories and content that can be viewed recently, so when you have time, access it from your smartphone, check out the settings and functions, and try using it. Some sites take a long time to load. There are many genres such as anal, big breasts, masturbation, etc., and there are many lewd and erotic scenes.

Site NameContentsURL
FANZAVideo site operated by DMM seriesLinks are introduced below
SOKMILAdult video site founded in 2004SOKMIL
XCITYAdult video site established in 1996XCITY
エッチな0930Video distribution service started in 2005Links are introduced below
エッチな4610A long-established adult video site that has been in service since 2005.Links are introduced below
カリビアンコムAn adult video site operated by the major site DTI Groupあどけない素人娘から超絶品ボディのAV女優まで、カリビアンコムならではの多彩なジャンルできっとご満足させます。
パコパコママAdult video distribution service specializing in married women established in 2007禁断の人妻達が男を求めて乱れ・悶え・エロスにふける!人妻・熟女専門パコパコママ
一本道There is a wealth of uncensored video works of AV actresses.くっきり高画質でおマ〇コ丸見え!股間に溜まった精液が一気に爆発!これぞ一本道!
人妻斬りDistribution service specializing in married womenLinks are introduced below
盗撮道The content is specialized in the voyeur genreLinks are introduced below


ANZA is a comprehensive site that not only has erotic videos, but also DVD sales and animation. Originally DMM.com was the operating company, but in 2018 the business was taken over by Digital Commerce Co., Ltd. in order to get rid of its adult image. We have started an adult video distribution service under the name FANZA.


SOKMIL is an adult video site founded in 2004. The server is located in Tokyo and is safe. There are two pricing options: single item purchase and monthly pricing plan, both of which can be selected. Since we have all kinds of genres, we recommend this service to everyone.



XCITY is an adult video site established in 1996. This is a safe and secure adult site that is affiliated with major adult manufacturers, and we have never had any problems such as high charges. It is one of the sites where you can feel safe as there are no problems such as personal information leakage and no fraud incidents.



Naughty 0930 is a video distribution service started in 2005. Since it is operated by the DTI Group, it is extremely reliable and safe. Since the main site is married women and mature women, this video site is highly recommended for those who like mature women in their 30s and 40s.


Naughty 4610 is a long-established adult video site that has been in service since 2005. The servers are located in Canada and operated by the DTI Group, so you can rest assured. It is a site where you can enjoy amateur women’s high-quality pussies, raw sex, creampies, etc.


Caribbeancom is an adult video site operated by DTI Group, a major site in Japan. Caribbeancom began operating in 2001, so it has been in operation for over 20 years and has distributed a large number of works. The longer a site has been in operation, the more reliable it is rather than a dubious site.



Paco Paco Mama is an adult video distribution service that was established in 2007 and specializes in married women. Since there are a large number of videos of married women, it is most suitable for men who like women in their 30s and 40s. All erotic videos are original productions, so members only see works that cannot be seen on other sites.



Ippondo is an overseas uncensored adult site, but all the videos are made for Japanese tastes. Therefore, most of the viewers will be Japanese. Our sister site is Caribbeancom, which is also a popular site. Since it is operated by DTI, it can be said to be a very safe video site.



Married Woman Kiri is a fairly old general site founded in 1996. For that reason, it is very popular and many users have registered. Marizumagiri is a site run by a very safe and reliable operating company, and is characterized by its extremely high level of security. Also, since we specialize in married women, we recommend paying for those who like mature women in their 30s and 40s.


Kizatsudo is an adult video distribution service founded in 2011. The content is specialized in the voyeur genre, and there are no other videos. The server is located in British Columbia, Canada.