[JAV: Mistress Land] Is it safe to use? Isn’t it dangerous? Reviews and reputation


Mistress Land is an adult video distribution service specializing in SM play. Mistress Land has been in operation since 2002, so it has a long history of operation, so it has a large number of users. We have summarized what kind of reviews and reputation there are.


Mistress Land basic information, company information

Mistress Land is an adult video distribution service launched in 2002. Users are enthusiasts because it is specialized in SM. It’s an old site, so the site design is also quite old. Payment is basically by credit card, and VISA and MasterCard are accepted. This is a recommended adult site where you can enjoy play between amateur S women and M men. Most of the performers are mature women, and there are also AV actresses, but it is highly specialized and suitable for those who like serious hard play, masochist, scatology, Western, kicking play, etc.

Site namemistress land
Site operation history2002~
Number of works500~
Streaming playback
DRM restrictionsDRM-free
download limitunlimited
Monthly feeCredit card payment (VISA/MasterCard)
1 month: 9,680 yen
3 months: 18,700 yen
6 months: 29,700 yen
12 months: 50,600 yen
Bank transfer also available
corresponding devicePC/Android/iPhone/Tablet

Mistress Land monthly fee plan

Mistress Land’s monthly fee plan is as follows. Basically, it is a recurring charge. Payment is by credit card only; VISA or MasterCard are accepted. Rest assured that Mistress Land etc. will not be listed on the user’s usage statement.

1 month9,680yen
3 month18,700yen
6 month29,700yen
12 month50,600yen

Mistress Land also supports bank transfer. On the Membership Information'' page of the official website, there is a section that saysClick here if you do not have a credit card.” Clicking this will take you to the information page for bank transfer. However, the price is higher.

1 month9,900yen
3 month20,900yen
6 month35,200yen
12 month59,400yen

Is Mistress Land a safe site?

Mistress Land is safe as it has been in operation for over 20 years. I started up my antivirus software and checked it, but no viruses were detected. Mistress Land’s SM videos are currently being distributed as PPV (single item sales) on DUGA.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of Mistress Land

The characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Mistress Land are as follows. Members can actually feel the SM club atmosphere and it feels authentic. She has a wide variety of sexual habits, including masturbation, queenship, and balls, so you will be satisfied. There are forced scenes and you can watch as much as you like.

The quality of the work is authentic

Mistress Land itself specializes in SM, but the works themselves are quite authentic. This is the only site that specializes in SM, so it is highly recommended for enthusiasts. There is a bit of intense play using a single whip, etc., and it is extreme with all genres.

There are few works

Since Mistress Land is a very specialized site for enthusiasts, the number of works is inevitably small. It can’t be helped since it’s a niche genre for maniacs and fetishists. I’m really looking forward to seeing a peep movie by an active member.

Available for download

It is DRM-free, so you can download it to your PC. Therefore, you can enjoy videos on your own device even after your subscription ends or you cancel your membership. You can download as many videos as you like, such as enema, blowjob, and chew, with just one button.

Original photographed work

The advantage of Mistress Land is that all the works are original and newly shot. All works can only be viewed on this site. The play incorporated in the Mistress Land video is also quite intense. There’s verbal abuse, reverse rape, facesitting, hand jobs, foot jobs, candles, masturbation, and more.

What are the reviews and reputations of Mistress Land?

Here are some quotes from X about Mistress Land’s reputation.


Source : X

いやー最高の写真だなー アヤ様はミストレスランドで顔出ししてるのに何で顔隠してるんやろ

Source : X


Source : X

How to register for Mistress Land

Click the link below to register for Mistress Land. The billing process will begin from the membership information in the upper right corner.


How to withdraw from Mistress Land

If you are currently a member of Mistress Land by credit card payment, your membership will automatically continue if you leave it unattended, and you will be charged endlessly. To cancel this, you will need to cancel your membership. Please apply for withdrawal using the withdrawal form on the official website at least one week before automatic renewal.