[JAV: Mistress Land] How to stop automatic billing and how to cancel membership


Mistress Land is an adult video distribution service specializing in SM. However, since there aren’t that many videos, you can cancel your subscription if you get tired of it. We will explain the procedure for canceling your contract, so please refer to it.


How to stop automatic billing and cancel membership

The method for stopping automatic billing and the method for canceling membership are performed at the same time. Mistress Land is automatically billed, so it is dangerous to leave it unattended. If you use a credit card, you will be charged endlessly, so please be sure to cancel your membership. Please make sure to cancel your membership at least one week before renewal. To cancel your membership, please contact us at the bottom of the official website.

Source : https://www.337799.com/

A mailer will open, so please send your name, member ID, phone number, and reason for withdrawal. This will start the withdrawal process.

Is it possible to re-register Mistress Land?

Mistress Land allows you to re-register even if you cancel your membership. You can re-register as many times as you like. Please refer to the article below.