[JAV: Mistress Land] Joining, registration method and payment method


Mistress Land is an adult video distribution service specializing in SM. Mistress Land is a video site for maniacs, and the problem is that there are not many videos, but it is recommended because there are many videos that are very popular with maniacs. We have summarized the procedures required for registration.


Membership, registration method and payment method

Enrollment, registration method and payment method are done at the same time. Keep your credit cards handy. Click the link below.


Please click on the membership information at the top.

Source : https://www.337799.com/

Select your membership plan and click. Mistress Land mainly accepts credit card payments (VISA or MasterCard), but some bank transfers are also accepted. Click on the top right of the screen for details.

Source : https://www.337799.com/

credit card charges

1 month9,680yen
3 month18,700yen
6 month29,700yen
12 month50,600yen

Bank transfer fee

1 month9,900yen
3 month20,900yen
6 month35,200yen
12 month59,400yen

Source : https://www.337799.com/

Enter your credit card payment information. The security number is a 3-digit character on the back of your card. Must be 18 years or older. Payment is now complete.

Source : https://www.337799.com/

How to contact Mistress Land

At Mistress Land, you can contact us if you have any questions. Click on Inquiries at the bottom of the home screen. The mailer will then launch, so please send it. You will usually receive a response within one day.

Source : https://www.337799.com/