[JAV: PacoPacomama] How to cancel membership and stop automatic billing


PacoPacomama is an adult video distribution service that specializes in married women. However, if you watch it for a long time, some people will get tired of it and want to cancel their subscription. Therefore, we have summarized how to withdraw from the service and how to stop automatic billing, so we hope you will find it helpful.


How to withdraw and stop automatic billing

PacoPacoMama is a paid adult site with an automatic renewal system, so if you do not plan to use it, please cancel your membership as soon as possible or the charges will continue indefinitely. Withdrawing from this site means stopping payment. If you forget to cancel your PacoPacomama membership, it will be automatically renewed, so if you wish to cancel your membership, please do so as soon as possible. Please access PacoPacomama’s official website and open the membership information page.

Source : https://www.pacopacomama.com/

Scroll down the page and click the “PacoPacomama Membership Withdrawal Information” button. Next, read the notes before canceling your membership and press the “Proceed to withdrawal procedure” button. Please fill out the questionnaire.

Source : https://www.pacopacomama.com/

Enter your D2Pass ID (email address) and password in the form to log in. Apply for withdrawal from PacoPacomama on the next page and complete. Even if you cancel your membership early, you can still watch videos until your membership period expires. This means that you need to complete the procedure before the renewal date.

Source : https://www.pacopacomama.com/