Recommended list of safe and secure erotic video sites JAV


We will explain the recommended list of safe and secure erotic video sites in this article. You should avoid sites that are illegal or that may be infected with viruses. In such cases, a paid video site with a subscription is recommended.


Which erotic video sites do you recommend that are safe and secure?

In Japan, the DTI affiliated sites, which are the largest group in the uncensored industry, are most recommended. DTI affiliated sites operate 30 to 40 adult video distribution services, live chats, and communities, and are extremely secure. Below we will introduce the DTI affiliated sites. There are many new videos, and many beautiful women appear. Safer than fc2 videos, xvideos and pornhub. Please enjoy sex online.

Has a very long history of operation

The DTI family of companies was established in 1996, and Caribbeancom opened in 2000. Using this as Kawagiri, we opened other sites one after another and succeeded in earning revenue. It is now the most famous website in Japan, and is said to have the largest number of users in Japan. A company that has been operating stably for over 30 years has no fraud, and overall safety is guaranteed.

Security of personal information

DTI-affiliated companies often specify credit cards and debit cards as payment methods, but all personal information is transmitted using SSL, and advanced encryption technology prevents unauthorized reading by third parties. Doing. As a result, this site has not suffered any financial damage, nor has there been any damage caused by fraudulent charges.

No risk of virus infection

I have also used DTI-affiliated companies based on my experience, and there is no risk of virus infection. Even if you watch a video or open a website, no virus software will start and block you, so you are safe. Therefore, it can be said that it is a very reliable site from the user’s point of view. Even beginners can enjoy exciting content such as squirting, infidelity, and cheating.

Recommended ranking of paid erotic video sites

The next thing I will introduce is a paid erotic site. Usually, paid erotic sites have the disadvantage of requiring a monthly fee. However, there are no illegal videos uploaded, so it is 100% safe and you can satisfy your frustrations. We have listed the categories and content that can be viewed recently, so when you have time, access it from your smartphone, check out the settings and functions, and try using it. Some sites take a long time to load. There are many genres such as anal, gay, images, hentai, big breasts, etc., and there are many lewd and erotic scenes.

Site NameContentsURL
HEYZOVideo data distribution service started in 2012超大型!無修正動画サイト「HEYZO」完全オリジナル作品を迫力のフルHDで配信中!
A-VodAdult video distribution service launched in 2014Links are introduced below
av9898Becomes a DTI group companyバラエティ豊かなジャンルが自慢の「av9898」では厳選無修正ムービーをほぼ毎日更新にて配信中!!
HEY動画見放題プランAdult video site operated since 2004Links are introduced below
JavholicDistribution service founded in 2017Links are introduced below
PikkurAdult video distribution service established in 2011Links are introduced below
X-GalleryA site specializing in anime, amateur, and AV actress videosLinks are introduced below
うんこたれSites specializing in scatologyLinks are introduced below
エッチな0930Video distribution service started in 2005Links are introduced below
エッチな4610A long-established adult video site that has been in service since 2005.Links are introduced below
カリビアンコムAn adult video site operated by the major site DTI Groupあどけない素人娘から超絶品ボディのAV女優まで、カリビアンコムならではの多彩なジャンルできっとご満足させます。
パコパコママAdult video distribution service specializing in married women established in 2007禁断の人妻達が男を求めて乱れ・悶え・エロスにふける!人妻・熟女専門パコパコママ
ミストレスランドAdult video distribution service launched in 2002ミストレスランド
レズのしんぴProfessional adult site specializing in lesbiansLinks are introduced below
一本道There is a wealth of uncensored video works of AV actresses.くっきり高画質でおマ〇コ丸見え!股間に溜まった精液が一気に爆発!これぞ一本道!
人妻斬りDistribution service specializing in married womenLinks are introduced below
天然むすめA streaming service that specializes in young girlsLinks are introduced below
女体のしんぴDistribution service with abundant masturbation videosLinks are introduced below
金髪天國Distribution service with plenty of foreign videosLinks are introduced below


HEYZO is a video data distribution service started in 2012. Compared to other companies, it can be said that the safety is very high as it has been in operation for over 10 years. Although you can only pay by credit card, you can enjoy many high-quality videos.



A-Vod is an adult video distribution service launched in 2014. The server is not established in Japan, but in Delaware, USA. We only accept credit cards as a payment method, and we also have fixed monthly plans and plans that allow you to purchase individual works.


av9898 has its servers located in British Columbia, Canada, and is part of the DTI group, so you can feel very safe. Almost all videos are uncensored and delivered in high quality, and you can watch them as much as you want. Streaming playback is possible, and there is a good selection of cosplay works as well. This site is highly rated among paid adult sites.



HEY Video Unlimited Viewing Plan is an adult video site that has been operating since 2004. This is a video site where you can enjoy all genres such as amateurs, mature women, and Western movies, and covers all popular genres.


Javholic is a relatively new adult video distribution service founded in 2017. Javholic handles videos from services that have already been discontinued, so many of the videos are very old.


Pikkur is an adult video distribution service established in 2011. Although it was once closed, it is now under the control of the major adult company DTI Group and reopened in 2017.


X-Gallery is a site that specializes in erotic anime, amateur and AV actress videos. Although it covers all genres, it is most famous for erotic anime rather than voyeurism or mature women, so it is more for enthusiasts than a general site. When comparing paid adult sites, they are specialized in genres.


Unkotare is an adult video site specializing in scat that has been operating since 2010. The server is located in British Columbia, Canada and is DRM-free.


Naughty 0930 is a video distribution service started in 2005. Since it is operated by the DTI Group, it is extremely reliable and safe. Since the main site is married women and mature women, this video site is highly recommended for those who like mature women in their 30s and 40s.


Naughty 4610 is a long-established adult video site that has been in service since 2005. The servers are located in Canada and operated by the DTI Group, so you can rest assured. It is a site where you can enjoy amateur women’s high-quality pussies, raw sex, creampies, etc.


Caribbeancom is an adult video site operated by DTI Group, a major site in Japan. Caribbeancom began operating in 2001, so it has been in operation for over 20 years and has distributed a large number of works. The longer a site has been in operation, the more reliable it is rather than a dubious site.



Paco Paco Mama is an adult video distribution service that was established in 2007 and specializes in married women. Since there are a large number of videos of married women, it is most suitable for men who like women in their 30s and 40s. All erotic videos are original productions, so members only see works that cannot be seen on other sites.



Lesbian Shinpi started in 2012 and is a specialized adult site specializing in lesbians. It’s not all genres.


Ippondo is an overseas uncensored adult site, but all the videos are made for Japanese tastes. Therefore, most of the viewers will be Japanese. Our sister site is Caribbeancom, which is also a popular site. Since it is operated by DTI, it can be said to be a very safe video site.



Married Woman Kiri is a fairly old general site founded in 1996. For that reason, it is very popular and many users have registered. Marizumagiri is a site run by a very safe and reliable operating company, and is characterized by its extremely high level of security. Also, since we specialize in married women, we recommend paying for those who like mature women in their 30s and 40s.


Tennen Musume is a company that provides services overseas and has servers in the United States. All works on Tennen Musume can be played without modification, making it the most popular site. The women who appear tend to be young and are very popular with men.


Nyotai no Shinpi is a fetish genre that has been operating since 2009. The server is located in British Columbia, Canada, and there are plenty of masturbation videos, so this is the most recommended site for those who want to see women’s bodies and masturbation scenes.


Blonde Heaven is a foreign adult video site founded in 2009. We have a server in Canada and provide uncensored videos. Since it is DRM-free, the video can be downloaded to your device and also supports streaming playback.