[JAV: Female Body Shinpi] Is it a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous? Word of mouth and reputation Adult site ratings and reviews


We will explain Nyotai no Shinpi’s registration, membership methods, price plans, safety, ratings, reviews, and reputation. Nyotai no Shinpi is a highly recommended site for those who want to enjoy uncensored masturbation videos. This is an uncensored and safe overseas flat-rate adult site. If you are very interested in fetish genres, I highly recommend you to register.


Nyotai no Shinpi basic information and company information

Nyotai no Shinpi is a fetish genre that has been operating since 2009. The server is located in British Columbia, Canada, and there are plenty of masturbation videos, so this is the most recommended site for those who want to see women’s bodies and masturbation scenes. Group companies are DTI, so it is very safe. Since it is a very maniac video genre, there are not that many videos. The AV actresses employed are not so famous, ranging from young girls to mature women, but their quality is high and they are highly rated by users.

Management history2009~
Operating companyKing Summit Enterprises Limited.
group companyDTI, D2Pass member sites
Genrefetish, mania, masturbation, images
Uncensored?All works uncensored
Number of videos2000
New update frequency1 piece every 2-3 days
image qualityHD / 5000~2000kbps
file formatMP4 / WMV
Streaming playback
DRM Free
download limit2GB per day
Fee systemMonthly flat rate $45
Credit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / JCB)
Prepaid card (V-Preca)
Device compatibleAndroid / iPhone / iPad

Nyotai no Shinpi price plan details

The purchase and price plans for Nyotai no Shinpi are as follows. A 1-month membership (30 days) costs $45, a 2-month membership (60 days) costs $80, and a 3-month membership (90 days) costs $110. When applying, it is recommended that you get a 3-month membership because you get a lot of discounts, and you will be treated as a VIP member, and you will be able to watch VIP videos as a bonus. Payment can be made by credit card (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB) or debit card if the same brand is used. “KINGSUMMIT” will be written on the statement of the credit card payment agency.

1 month membership (30 days)45$
2 month membership (60 days)80$
3 month membership (90 days)110$

Is Nyotai no Shinpi a safe site? Is it dangerous?

Nyotai no Shinpi is a safe site for now. We have not experienced any problems such as fraudulent charges or being unable to withdraw from membership. In addition, since it has been in operation since 2009 and has been operating for over 10 years, there have been no incidents of personal information leaks or fraud. I also scanned the site and videos using antivirus software, but no viruses were detected, so please rest assured. If you have any concerns, you can ask questions via live chat from the menu. You can rest assured that the information is sent via encrypted SSL.

Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the female body

I have summarized the actual characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Nyotai no Shinpi, so I hope you will find it helpful. When I access it now, it has specialized content and many fetish videos compared to other adult sites. You can easily watch it on your smartphone or tablet if you want. This is probably the best site for those who like fetish videos. Although this site does not stand out very much in the popularity rankings, it is highly specialized, so it can be divided into good and bad reviews.

Specialized in masturbation videos

This site is an adult site series specializing in masturbation videos. Of course, there are many ways to masturbate, including fingers, urination, vegetables, washlet, electric massager/vibrator, voyeur play, self-portraits, cowgirl position, etc., so you can watch your favorite videos. Although there are many beautiful women, many of the actresses who appear are amateur actors, so it is also recommended for those who like amateur actors.

There are download restrictions

Please note that the downside of this site is that there are download restrictions. It is set at 2GB per day, and even if you become a VIP member, it is 3GB. Past videos also have a weak point and point: they are generally short. There is also the aspect that I get bored easily when it comes to planning. Therefore, if you continue to use it in the industry, you may feel that the price is a little high. However, based on my experiences, the overall impression was that there were many things that I enjoyed.

Not suitable for people who want to see sex

This site is not suitable for those who absolutely want to see sex. This site specializes only in masturbation, so there are no sex scenes. In fact, since no male actors appear in the original video, only women from loli to mature women appear in the video. You can see her regular girlfriend’s pussy from various camera angles. It may not be suitable for those who want to enjoy things like blowjobs.

All works completely shot

The videos on this site are all high quality and original works. Furthermore, while you are a member, you can view the works as much as you like at any time, regardless of your location, and also support streaming playback. There are many originals, so some people keep them in their collection. Overall, it’s okay if you’re a fan of real sex, such as crotches, blowjobs, and pussies, as you can thoroughly enjoy services online. As for the conclusion of the administrator, the evaluation is quite divided.

What are the reviews and reputation of Nyotai no Shinpi?

There were almost no reviews and reputations for Nyotai no Shinpi on X.

How to register and pay for Nyotai no Shinpi

To register for Nyotai no Shinpi, click on the top page link of the official website below. Please note that those under the age of 18 cannot join. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact system support.

Initially, you can process your membership by clicking the membership information button from the home screen.

Source : https://www.nyoshin.com/

You can join by selecting one of the plans with a monthly payment of gold. Next is the billing process.

Source : https://www.nyoshin.com/

By setting your email address and password and entering your credit card information, the billing process will be completed and you will be able to watch the video. If you have any questions, you can submit a request using the inquiry form.

Source : https://www.nyoshin.com/

How to withdraw from Nyotai no Shinpi and cancel charges

You can cancel the charge at the same time as canceling Nyotai no Shinpi. If you scroll down to the bottom of the membership information page above, you will see a withdrawal form, so click on it to complete the procedure. There is also a survey answer at the end. Nyotai no Shinpi is an automatic renewal system, so it will be automatically renewed unless you take the cancellation procedure. Please complete the procedure by the day before your membership renewal date. Even if you cancel your membership, you can continue to use it until your membership period expires. Downloaded videos can be viewed as much as you like even after canceling your membership.

Source : https://www.nyoshin.com/