[JAV: SOKMIL] Is it a safe video site? Isn’t it a scam? Reputation and reviews, rating review details


We will introduce SOKMIL’s membership, safety in use, reviews, reputation, and word-of-mouth details. This is an erotic video site established in 2004. It is a safe and not a scam site as it has been in operation for over 20 years. Therefore, it has a large number of registered users and is characterized by an extremely wide variety of genres. We have summarized SOKMIL’s features, reviews, word of mouth, etc., so please use it as a reference.


Basic information of SOKMIL, company information

SOKMIL is an adult video site founded in 2004. The server is located in Tokyo and is safe. There are two pricing options: single item purchase and monthly pricing plan, both of which can be selected. Since we have all kinds of genres, we recommend this service to everyone. Compared to other companies in Japan, we tend to stream amateurs, mature women, anime, and AV actresses. It has a lot of good reviews because it’s cheap and there are campaigns.

Opening date2004~
Operating companyVidex Co., Ltd.
GenreAll genres
Number of video works200000~
Uncensored?With mosaic
Streaming playback
download limitunlimited
Fee systemPPV (single item sale)
Monthly fee
Payment MethodCredit card payment (VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / UC)
docomo payment
Rakuten pay
sokumil prepaid card
Seokmil Point

SOKMIL monthly fee plan

SOKMIL has three types of plans: monthly plan, single item purchase, and rental. You can choose from the six payment methods explained above for SOKMIL. Credit card brands that can be used at Sokumil are VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and UC. However, if you purchase with Rakuten Pay, points will not be awarded. SOKMIL also sells special prepaid cards at its stores. Payment can also be made here.

Unlimited viewing plan

Currently, the outline of the unlimited viewing plan is 2,980 yen per month, and approximately 70,000 adult movies are available for unlimited viewing. This plan is most recommended for those who want to watch a lot of videos. The reason is that it is a fixed price, so the more people watch it, the more recommended it becomes. The image quality is also good, so you can enjoy the latest videos. You can watch it on your computer or with an app.

Single item purchase (PPV)

There is a single purchase PPV plan. This plan is recommended for those who only want to purchase one work. You can purchase it for as little as a few hundred yen, so you can try it out first. We also have half price sales, so we highly recommend it. The staff is very supportive, so if you have any concerns, please ask.

Rental period

The rental plan is attractive because it has a rental period of 2 weeks. However, not all videos are available for rental, so if you want to watch them cheaply, wait for a sale. At FANZA, the rental period is one week (7 days), but at SOKMIL it is considerably longer. We also have overseas stuff, erotic wear, and gravure, so we highly recommend it.

SOKMIL’s recommended sale

SOKMIL has all genres, so we can recommend it to anyone. Meanwhile, there are some sales that are not available on other services. There is also a list of coupons and discount sales on the site map page of the official website, so check it out if you need it.

Sales are held frequently

SOKMIL is popular for its high sale discount rates. There are also many works with 50% and 70% off. In other words, core users can watch a lot of high-quality videos at reasonable prices.

SOKMIL points awarded

At SOKMIL, you can receive store visit points once a day. If you are registered as a free member and have a history of purchasing products with credit card or Docomo payment, you will be rewarded with points every day. If you accumulate them, you can purchase erotic videos on sale with only points.

Advantages, disadvantages and features of SOKMIL

SOKMIL has the following features. Basically, new videos are updated frequently and there are videos for enthusiasts. Compared to the general public, the details are often unusual, such as gay, Western, scatology, and gravure idols. In fact, the products handled by the manufacturer also tend to be like that.

There are also plenty of gravure videos

SOKMIL basically has all genres, but SOKMIL also has a lot of idol videos. This is the largest site where you can enjoy image videos of popular gravure idols. It is recommended because there are many high-quality actresses and there is also content exclusively distributed online. Since it is a major comprehensive well-established site, it is also popular among women. Also, my impression is that there are so many videos available in the industry that I never get bored.

There is a free sample video

SOKMIL has free sample videos, so you can get a feel for what it’s like before purchasing. You can watch the video by clicking on the video player, and it is also possible to purchase PPV, which is a highly recommended feature. Even enthusiasts such as foreigners and transsexuals can watch the latest works in high quality.

Daily 10 yen video

SOKMIL has a daily sale of 10 yen per adult video. Of course, you cannot choose the works yourself. The cost performance is good, but some of them have limited sales only for members. Therefore, if you are interested, please consider registering. Recommended if you want to see the latest peeping and beautiful girl sex videos.

Recommended for Rakuten users

SOKMIL has a system that can be linked with Rakuten ID. This is a great system for Rakuten users as you can pay with your Rakuten ID. However, we do not recommend using Rakuten ID as you cannot receive point refunds for purchasing works.

Mosaic for all videos

All SOKMIL videos have mosaics. Therefore, it may not be good for those who like everything uncensored. All works are also subject to DRM restrictions. It may not be suitable if you want to watch uncensored videos. However, it is recommended because there are many carefully selected complete movies.

Unlimited downloads

All SOKMIL videos can be downloaded without limit. There is no specific daily limit.

SOKMIL reviews and reputation

We would like to introduce some reviews and reputations of SOKMIL from X (Twitter).


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How to register SOKMIL

Registration for SOKMIL is free. Don’t worry, just because you register doesn’t mean you have to pay. You can register using the link below. Click on the URL sent to your registered email address to complete. Be sure to remember your email address and password.


How to withdraw from SOKMIL

To unsubscribe from SOKMIL, go to My Page and click Unsubscribe under Membership Information. The process ends when the completion screen is displayed. If you are viewing a monthly unlimited viewing plan, please cancel the plan first and then complete the withdrawal procedure. Once you cancel your membership, you will not be able to log in to the site.