[JAV: Voyeurism] Is it a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous? Word of mouth and reputation Adult sites, video evaluation reviews


We have summarized the reviews, reputation, membership fees, and safety of the adult video distribution service site Kizatsudo, and we will introduce and explain it. This site, which specializes in voyeuristic AV videos, is a safe overseas paid adult video site with a flat-rate membership system. The number of videos distributed is small compared to other sites, but the content is aimed at enthusiasts, so there are many videos with deep content.


Basic information and company information of Totsudo

Kizatsudo is an adult video distribution service founded in 2011. The content is specialized in the voyeur genre, and there are no other videos. The server is located in British Columbia, Canada. Although there are only voyeur videos, there are a lot of plays and situations in the distributed works, so it is recommended because there is a lot of content that is quite exciting for users. Compared to other adult sites, there are many videos that contain mosaics.

Management historyFrom May 2011
Operating companyKing Summit Enterprises Limited.
group companyDTI、D2Pass
Number of videos1,000~
file formatWMV
Streaming playback
download limit3GB per day
Presence of DRMNo DRM.
Payment MethodMonthly unlimited viewing billing system
Credit card (VISA / Master Card / JCB / Diners Club)
Prepaid card (V-Preca)
corresponding devicePC、Android、iOS(iPhone、iPad)

Totsudo pricing plan

The payment plan for Kizatsudo is $45 for a one-month membership (30 days), but it is $50 for the first time. The fee will be $45 if you continue from the second month onwards. Payment in dollars is also possible. Payment methods are credit cards (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB) and debit cards. “KINGSUMMIT” will be written on your credit card statement.

Is Totsudo a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous?

Since the start of operations in 2011, there have been no problems of this kind. As a result, we have not experienced any problems such as users falling victim to fraud, leaking of personal information, fraudulent charges, or being unable to cancel their membership. I also tried scanning the site with antivirus software, but no viruses were detected on the site or video, so you can safely watch it. We also have a 24/7 support system.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of voyeurism

I have summarized all the advantages and disadvantages of voyeurism, so I hope you find it helpful. There are more amateur actors than AV actresses. It’s a highly specialized site, and there are quite a lot of differences between good and bad reviews. In reality, the recording is fake, but it is more realistic than necessary, and you can watch a serious movie. There are also voyeurism and lesbian videos.

There are new works every day

One of the charms of Totsudo is that there are new videos every day. It is a video site that is worth joining even if you pay a monthly fee because it is updated every day. However, the number of videos is around 1000, and since it is only in the genre of voyeurism, it is specialized in quite geeky content.

plays and situations

If the content is only about voyeurism, there may be a lot of content that you might get bored with, but to be honest, there are a lot of plays and situations in the project. You can enjoy videos of various places such as changing clothes, showering, beauty salons, panty shots, massages, office work, masturbation, hidden cameras, sex, and inside the station, so it’s highly recommended because it has a lot of content.

Free sample video available

One of the charms of Hidden Way is that you can check out free sample videos in advance. There are free sample videos for each work on the official website, so users can get a feel for the atmosphere of the video before actually registering.

Streaming playback and download limits

All videos are compatible with streaming playback. Regarding download limit, it is possible to limit up to 3GB per day. All videos are available for unlimited viewing on Totsudo .

Video quality is very poor

Overall, the disadvantage of voyeurism is that the quality of the video is really poor. New users may be slightly dissatisfied with the quality.

What are the reviews and reputation of Totsudo ?

There were almost no reviews and reputations for Totsudo on X.

How to register as a Totsudo

To register as a voyeur, first click on the link below. The top page is available in Japanese and English. Persons under the age of 18 cannot register. It can also be purchased on tablets and smartphones. Let’s take a look at the image for reference. This is a site that even beginners can enjoy. Please contact support if necessary.

Access the membership information by selecting it from the home screen.

Source : https://www.tousatsudou.com/

By clicking the 1-month membership registration button, the registration process and billing will proceed.

Source : https://www.tousatsudou.com/

You can start membership and billing by setting your email address and password, and entering your credit card information. After that, the video site will be available for unlimited viewing.

Source : https://www.tousatsudou.com/

How to unsubscribe from Totsudo

You can unsubscribe from Kizatsudo from the membership information page above. Scroll down and you will see the withdrawal information form, which you can do from here. By answering a simple questionnaire, you can cancel charges and cancel your membership. Since Kizatsudo has an automatic renewal method, it will be automatically renewed on the renewal date unless you take steps to cancel your membership. Please cancel your membership by the day before your membership renewal date. Even if you cancel your membership, you can continue to watch videos until your membership period expires. Downloaded videos can be viewed as much as you like even after canceling your membership.

Source : https://www.tousatsudou.com/