[JAV: Unkotare] Is it a safe site? Isn’t it dangerous? Word of mouth and reputation Adult sites, video evaluation reviews


We will explain the word of mouth, reputation, everyone’s ratings, and reviews of Unkotare, an adult video site. As the name suggests, Unkotare is an adult video site that specializes in scatology. Recommended for those who are excited about female defecation.


Basic information and company information about Unkotare

Unkotare is an adult video site specializing in scat that has been operating since 2010. The server is located in British Columbia, Canada and is DRM-free. No AV actresses are used, and amateur actresses are the main actors. Most of the video content will be uncensored videos. This is a site for enthusiasts who enjoy feces and defecation that actually come out of people’s anuses. This is for those who enjoy taking pictures of girls and mature women in their natural appearance.

Management history2010~
group companyDTI、D2Pass
Genreamateur woman, scat
Number of works500
New update frequency2 bottles per month
image qualitySize: HD (1280×720)
Bitrate: 6000kbps
Streaming playback
download limitGeneral member: 3.0GB per day
PLUS members: 5.0GB per day
DRM restrictionsDRM-free
Payment MethodCredit card (VISA, JCB, MasterCard, Diners)
Prepaid card (V-Preca)
corresponding deviceiOS(iPhone/iPad)、Android

Unkotare price plan

Unkotare has two paid plans: A one-month monthly membership (30 days) costs $68, but if you continue, you can be billed for $58, which is a discount. A 2-month membership (60 days) is cheaper at $118 and is treated as a PLUS member. PLUS members have a download limit of 5GB per day and can rewatch all videos.

1 month membership (30 days)68$
2 month membership (60 days)118$

Payment methods are credit cards (VISA / MasterCard / Diners / JCB) and debit cards of similar brands. “KINGSUMMIT” will be written on your credit card statement.

Is Unkotare safe? Is it a dangerous site?

Since Unkotare began operating in 2010, there have been no major problems. As a result, we have not experienced any problems such as users falling victim to fraud, leaking of personal information, fraudulent charges, or being unable to cancel their membership. I also tried scanning the site with antivirus software, but no viruses were detected on the site or video, so you can safely watch it. We also have a 24/7 support system.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of Unkotare

We have summarized all the advantages and disadvantages of Unkotare. You can watch it on your smartphone or tablet, and it’s run by the DTI affiliate, so there’s no need to worry. Compared to other comprehensive adult sites, it does not cover all genres, but is a content site that is completely specialized in scat. This is a must-see and recommended purchase for those who usually like movies of real, beautiful, thick poop (excretion), perversion, toilets, enemas, holes, hand jobs, blowjobs, pussies, anals, etc. This is the best site for those who are particular about it.

A site specializing in scatology

Basically, Unkotare is a site that specializes in scatology, and its appeal is that you can enjoy excretion scenes. This site is recommended for those who want to enjoy watching girls shamelessly defecate. I’m quite a maniac, so I don’t have many videos. This is a slightly different site for those who are expecting lesbian or sex scenes as a pattern. There is no such thing as sex.

Very infrequent updates

Since this is a site that specializes in scatology, it’s a bit disappointing that there aren’t that many videos in the first place. If you check the update frequency, there is a disadvantage that the number of videos is quite small as there are only a few videos updated every month rather than every day. My impression is that there are a lot of young amateur women, and there are some pretty girls, but there are no model classes. There are also beautiful wives.

Streaming and downloading

It supports streaming playback every time. In addition, general members can download up to 3GB per day, and PLUS members can download up to 5GB of their favorite videos with the touch of a button. By the way, it’s DRM-free. The most recommended is PLUS membership.

Delivered uncensored

Most of Unkotare’s videos are uncensored, valuable, and well distributed, so you can look forward to it. There are no mosaics included, so you can rest assured. It also has many high-quality videos, so it is highly recommended. No famous AV actresses appear. This site has a lot of original works.

What are the reviews and reputation of Unkotare?

There were almost no reviews and reputation of Unkotare on X.

How to register and pay for Unkotare

To register for Unkotare, click on the official website link. Please note that those under the age of 18 cannot register. You can feel safe as we are a member group of DTI.

First, click on the new membership information page from the official page menu. From here, the enrollment and billing process begins. Even beginners can watch their favorite handjob play, which is quite embarrassing, for a relatively low price, so many people are satisfied with it.

Source : https://www.unkotare.com/

Choose a membership plan. Next is the credit card payment screen.

Source : https://www.unkotare.com/

Please set your email address and password. Next, enter your credit card information to complete billing and start using the service.

Source : https://www.unkotare.com/

How to withdraw from Unkotare and how to cancel charges

You can unsubscribe from Unkotare from the membership information page above.Scroll to the bottom to find the withdrawal form. You can also reset your password at the top.

Source : https://www.unkotare.com/

Unkotare is an automatic renewal system, so if you leave it unused, it will update automatically. If you wish to withdraw from membership, you must complete the withdrawal procedure using the withdrawal form by the day before the renewal date. Downloaded videos can be viewed as much as you like even after canceling your membership.