[JAV:XCITY] Is there any safety problem? Reputation and reviews


XCITY is an adult video site that has been in operation for a very long time. Since the site was established in the 1990s, you can see that it is a very safe and risk-free site. What kind of reputation and reviews does XCITY have? We have also summarized the advantages and disadvantages.


Basic information of XCITY, company information

XCITY is an adult video site established in 1996. This is a safe and secure adult site that is affiliated with major adult manufacturers, and we have never had any problems such as high charges. It is one of the sites where you can feel safe as there are no problems such as personal information leakage and no fraud incidents. Also, the genres are all genres, so anyone can use it with satisfaction.

Source : Xcity

Site nameXCITY
Site management history1996~
Operating companyAlchemia Co., Ltd.
GenreAll genres
Fee systemMonthly fee 3,135 yen
Number of works92,000
New update frequencyAbout 4 works a day
Presence of modificationWith mosaic
Streaming playback
Download limit/1 dayunlimited
Payment methodCredit card payment (VISA / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / other affiliated credit cards)
docomo payment
Yahoo! Wallet
Rakuten Pay
BIGLOBE ID payment
Nifty ID payment
Convenience store direct payment
C-CHECK Rakuten Edy app
Bank account automatic withdrawal
Smartphone/tabletAndroid / iPhone / iPad

Monthly price plan

XCITY supports credit cards, bank transfers, convenience store payments, and even Bitcash, making it quite flexible. The price plan is a monthly paid service and costs 3135 yen. When using a credit card online, a payment agency'' handles the procedure for you, and sinceTelecom Credit” is commonly used, there is no way to tell that you used XCITY.

Source : Xcity

By the way, if you pay by credit card, it will be based on the date of joining, not the closing date. XCITY’s monthly plan renews automatically, but you can cancel it in advance. You can watch as much as you like even if you cancel until the contract expiration date.

Is there really no danger?

When I verified the XCITY site, it was determined by antivirus software to be a “safe site.” There has never been a charge for one click. Therefore, you can see that it is not a scam site and is a highly secure and guaranteed site.

Advantages, disadvantages, and features of XCITY

XCITY has the following features. Please think carefully before using it.

Unlimited viewing of over 90,000 videos

XCITY is unique in that you can watch a variety of videos regardless of manufacturer with unlimited monthly viewing. In Japan, many works by famous companies such as Prestige and Soft On Demand are published. Approximately 20 to 30 videos are updated every day, and the number of videos continues to increase.

Downloadable without restrictions

Compared to other VOD services, XCITY offers unlimited downloads. XCITY supports video downloads. For PCs and smartphones, it can be downloaded using the dedicated application X Player. You can download as many files as you like, as long as your smartphone or PC’s storage capacity allows.

There is also erotic anime

XCITY handles an extremely large number of genres, and you can enjoy them in all genres. XCITY has thorough categorization, allowing for fairly detailed searches. You can watch as many gravure videos as you want, and there are also many erotic animes.

Source : Xcity

There are many compatible devices

XCITY supports playback not only on smartphones, TVs, and PCs, but also on Amazon Fire TV and game consoles. Although it will be viewed via a web browser, it can be viewed on a large screen.

Up to 2 simultaneous logins

XCITY allows you to use the same account on up to two devices at the same time. If you log in on a third device, you will be logged out on the first device.

DRM protected

All XCITY videos are protected, so they can only be used on XCITY dedicated players. Once the expiration date has expired, you will no longer be able to watch the video. I’m concerned that the download speed for each one is a little slow.

XCITY reviews and reputation

We have collected reviews and reputation of XCITY. There is a reputation as follows on X (Twitter).


Source : X

コレは全人類に知って欲しいし、拡散もして欲しいンだけど、Xcityというエロ動画見放題サイトがマジで優秀。 月額3135円とチト高めだけど、動画のラインナップがマジで幅広い!色んな性癖を広く浅く持ち合わせてる人にオススメ! エロ動画を違法視聴するだけで炎上する時代、楽しんでリスク回避しよう

Source : X

XCITYの着エロ 竹書房の本数が少ないなあと思ったら追加から3ヶ月で入れ替え あずまひかりちゃんのやつ見たかった

Source : X

逆バニーの参考画像作りたくてスクショしまくったら、エロ一切入ってなかったスマホが極エロになってしまった XCITY画質悪いけど、逆バニーまで見られてラインナップ良い (とはいえ定価だとコスパは悪い 3月末に竹書房の作品殆ど消えてるから、それ以前に入会してたらもっと楽しめたと思う

Source : X


Source : X


Source : X

How to register XCITY

You can register for XCITY using the link below. XCITY has free members and paid members, and there is no charge for free members. If you just want to watch a sample video, you can watch it for free, so after watching the sample video, you can think about whether you want to pay.


How to cancel XCITY membership

How to cancel your XCITY membership is easy. If you wish to cancel the “Monthly Paid Service”, after logging in, click the “Change Basic Registration Information” button from MyXCITY’s member information, and then cancel the Monthly Paid Service. If you wish to delete your XCITY account, you can do so by going to your member information, changing your basic registration information, and then clicking “Withdraw from XCITY.” Once this procedure is completed, you can completely withdraw from membership.